Welcome addresses to the participants and organizers of LISDEREVMASH 2017

The State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine

Bondar_V.N.Dear participants and guests of LISDEREVMASH exhibition!

On behalf of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine, I congratulate you on the opening of the 16th International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Forestry, Woodworking, and Furniture Industry LISDEREVMASH 2017.

The State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine actively develops a system of transparent timber trade, basing on the implementation of electronic auctions, in order to supply raw wood to domestic enterprises of the timber industry complex, the construction industry, the coal industry and other industries, and thereby contributes to the profitability of forestry sector and the country's budget. Therefore, the priority in this area is the use of innovative technological equipment.

In the context of forestry sector reformation and improvement of forest management, the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine plans to maximize the competitiveness of state forestry enterprises, which, in no small measure, depends on their qualitative and modern equipment.

LISDEREVMASH is a unique opportunity to discuss topical issues of the woodworking industry, share experience, and obtain useful information and new opportunities for cooperation. This exhibition, which is a reliable partner, has a high level of trust and international recognition.

Representatives of forestry and woodworking industry are sure that mutual cooperation opens significant opportunities for ensuring a balance of interests between state authorities and representatives of business, and is based on the principles of partnership, openness, and legality.

Working together will help ensure that the important tasks, such as an increase in forest area of Ukraine, enriching the diversity of wildlife, saving the ecological environment of the state, the implementation of up-to-date principles of European forest management.

I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition have a fruitful work, establish new contacts, and succeed in the development of forestry, woodworking and furniture industries in Ukraine.

Yours sincerely,

Deputy Chairman of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
Volodymyr Bondar




Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Machinery

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!

On behalf of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Machinery, which has been actively representing the interests of its member market players for almost 10 years, I welcome the participants and visitors to the Ukrainian Forum of Woodworking Industry.

The Forum exposition is unique. It represents the full range of advanced technologies, machines and equipment, from tree planting to added-value wood processing ones. In addition, the exposition of energy and technological equipment for converting waste wood into fuel increases year by year.

The Forum has traditionally been a demonstration ground for showcasing the achievements in the field of mechanical engineering that gives an impetus to the development of the forestry and woodworking industry of Ukraine, a place for discussions of pressing issues in these areas.

Over the years of its existence, the Forum has proven the opportunity to share experiences and opinions on the development of the market of advanced machines, equipment, innovative technological complexes and cutting tools, both between Ukrainian experts and between Ukrainian and foreign ones.

The Board of UADO wishes all participants and visitors to the Ukrainian Forum of Woodworking Industry fruitful cooperation, strength, and efficient work!

President of UADO
Igor Melnyk




Association "Mebliderevprom"

Medvedev_YSDear participants and guests!

On behalf of the Association "Mebliderevprom", I sincerely welcome you at the 16th International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Forestry, Woodworking and Furniture Industry LISDEREVMASH 2017, which is the main woodworking exhibition of the country.

It has become a tradition to hold such a large-scale event, which gives impetus to the development of the Ukrainian woodworking and furniture industry, annually at the end of September.

Implementing advanced equipment and technologies exhibited at the event into your manufacture allows you to increase the quality of produced goods, its competitiveness both on the domestic and foreign markets, and find a more effective way to use the timber, the resource of which is limited in Ukraine.

Since 2011, LISDEREVMASH exhibition has been certified by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) and is constantly attracting interest of foreign companies and has the support of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS).

I wish all the participants and guests of the exhibition a prosperous development of your business, commercial success and implementation of all creative ideas.

President of the Association “Mebliderevprom”
Merited Industry Worker of Ukraine of Ukraine
Yuriy Medvedev




European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Eumabois

foto_Koppel_webWelcome to LISDEREVMASH!

It is my pleasure to bring my regards to the actors of this event, the most important show for the woodworking industry in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one the most important markets of the Eastern Europe; in the 2016 the country imported 55 million euro of woodworking machinery.

As President I would like to say a few words about Eumabois: the Association represents over 800 companies in the woodworking industry with a total turnover exceeding 6 billion euro.

All Member Companies are engaged in the manufacturing of machines, plants and accessories for the following production sectors: machines and plants for forestation, sawing, drying, production of veneer, plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, LVL panels, machines and plants for the production of finished products, such as furniture, doors and windows, chairs, frames etc., made of solid wood or panels. And moreover: tools, components, numerical controls, sensor for robots, flexible manufacturing systems.

The European industry can count on a work force of more than 35,000 employees.

Considering the number of companies in the industry, the nations with the highest amount are Germany and Italy. Considering the turnover of companies, Germany industry covers a market share of 45%; Italy registered a market share by 29%.

The importance of Eumabois was increased by the composition of the Board newly elected last September: Juergen Koeppel (CEO of Leitz GmbH) became the new President and Luigi De Vito (SCM Machinery Division Director) is the new Vice-President.

So, now it’s the time of business, my best wished to all of you, exhibitors and visitors of the 2017 edition of this great show: may LISDEREVMASH bring great success for your companies!

Juergen Koeppel
Eumabois President


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