Free options

All the options, described in this section, are only available to exhibitors of LISDEREVMASH and are always free. We offer you to take advantage of several information products of the exhibition. They are all aimed at informing visitors about new products and to guiding them through the exhibition.

News Feed

sait-novostiAll exhibitors can send us information about their product innovations that will be demonstrated on their stands, as well as planned promotions, presentations and demonstrations. The organizing committee of LISDEREVMASH publishes such information in the news feed of the website so that visitors could learn about the most interesting products of the upcoming event. This is a good opportunity because 2 months prior to the event our website is visited more than 12,000 times!
News feed is available only in Russian so far, but you are welcome to send us your information in English / Russian to the e-mail below in any convenient form and give us your product descriptions; you are welcome to send us your photos too

E-mail Digest

daidgestE-mailing is an essential part of our communication with visitors, that always works! We distribute our newsletter to participants and guests 2-4 times per month. It informs our readers about new products, events program and other important news of LISDEREVMASH. Our electronic digests are read by approximately 13,000 people.
electronic digest contains news of our participants, that were previously posted in the news feed of our website

Product Innovation Digest

putevod-novostiProduct innovation digest is a traditional part of the exhibition's guidebook. This is a printed booklet that contains the scheme of the pavilion, events program and brief descriptions of all product innovations to be demonstrated at the exhibition. This booklet falls into the hands of every visitor.
our digest is based on materials sent by exhibitors

All submitted texts are processed before being published on the information resources of the exhibition. The amount and volume of information, as well as the time and order of placement of all materials are determined at the discretion of the organizing committee. The news feed and printed product innovation digest are made in Russian/Ukrainian. Nevertheless, materials can be sent in English as well; they will be translated by the organizing committee.

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