List of Exhibitors 2017

  • ABM MAKINE SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., Turkey – grinding and welding machinery for production, maintenance of cutting tools
  • ACIMALL, Italy – the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Manufacturers’ Association
  • A–LAP, Ukraine – production of high-quality frame and band saws and their servicing
  • AIMSAD, Turkey – Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Businessman Association NEW
  • AKEMSAN, Turkey – woodworking equipment manufacturer NEW
  • ALL FOR FURNITURE INDUSTRY AND WOOD PROCESSING, Ukraine – catalog of suppliers of equipment, tools, materials, and accessories for furniture manufacture and wood processing
  • ALTERPROM, Ukraine – woodworking equipment Warrior NEW
  • AMKODOR-UKROSPETSMASH, Ukraine – manufacturer of construction, forest, agricultural, and other special machinery
  • ARPAL, Ukraine – manufacture of wood grinders
  • ARTVUDKOLOR, Ukraine – official distributor of Renner Italia, supplier of paints and wood care products
  • AS-ENGINEERING, Ukraine – engineering, import, installation, warranty and after-sales service of centralized aspiration filtering systems, dust collectors, shredding machines, boiling systems and waste wood recycling equipment 
  • ATON SERVICE, Ukraine – design work, supply, assembly, and pre-commissioning of high-quality energy-efficient equipment for industrial enterprises
  • AVK-PROM, Ukraine – aspiration equipment
  • BALT BRAND, Latvia – manufacturer of woodworking equipment, provision of services
  • BAYKAL – VENEER FROM UKRAINE, Ukraine – export of sliced veneer
  • BECKER POLSKA, Poland – manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment
  • BENZOTREID, Ukraine – sale and post-sale service of Stihl equipment NEW
  • BIZERA.COM.UA, Ukraine – trade portal of products and services for the Ukrainian business 
  • BLUE-VENT, Denmark – design, supply, and installation of dust collectors NEW
  • BM-ENGINEERING, Ukraine – design, construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance servicing of biomass processing plants and feed stuff factories
  • BUILD PORTAL, Ukraine – the first Ukrainian rating portal of European quality
  • CAM TICARET, Turkey – manufacture of band-saws for wood, plastics and rubber processing NEW
  • CANMAKSAN, Turkey – manufacture of portable crosscut chainsaws NEW
  • CASELLI GROUP SPA, Italy – new and second–hand woodworking machines
  • CENTRINFORM, Ukraine – information and publishing house
  • CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY, Ukraine – supplier of specialized machinery JCB and Doppstadt equipment NEW
  • COSTRUZIONI NAZZARENO, Italy – equipment for pellets and briquettes production, system for manufacturing waste recycle
  • D LIGHT, Ukraine – representative of international manufacturers of specialized machinery
  • DEBELYI V.M., PE, Ukraine – machines and equipment for forestry under AUTRA TM NEW
  • DELTA CHIODATRICI E IMPIANTI PER COSTRUZIONE PALLET, Italy – design and manufacture of equipment for pellets production
  • DEMIX, Ukraine – high-quality machines
  • DEREVOOBROBNYK, Ukraine – Ukrainian woodworking newspaper
  • DOLIGNO, Ukraine – exclusive representative of SCM Group in Ukraine
  • DREV-KO, UKRTEHNOPROMSNAB, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and sanding systems
  • DUBAI INTERNATIONAL WOOD AND WOOD MACHINERY SHOW, UAE – woodworking industry exhibition
  • EVRO TOOLS, Ukraine – sale of woodworking tools
  • FELDER UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools for furniture and joinery
  • FORDAQ S.A., Belgium – global online marketplace to search suppliers and buyers in forestry and woodworking industries
  • FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE IN UKRAINE, Ukraine – international organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management in the world
  • FOREZIENNE MFLS, France – tools for woodworking industry
  • GALACTIC, Ukraine – manufacturer of industrial equipment
  • GibLab, Ukraine – software complex for furniture productions
  • GOLDEN FLEECE, Ukraine – band saws, woodworking saws, abrasive materials on a flexible base, abrasive tools on a solid base, machine tools, coolants, etc.
  • GOMA, Poland – wood-joining processing lines
  • GONTA, Ukraine – industrial wood preservatives
  • GORLUSH CO, Ukraine – hydraulic presses, stoves, aspiration systems, etc.
  • GRANTECHPELLET, Ukraine – manufacturer of equipment for pellet production, pellet manufacture NEW
  • GREBINKIVSKY METALWORKS PLANT, Ukraine – design, manufacture and sell of wood and metal processing equipment NEW
  • GREENPOWER-PRO, Ukraine – development, and manufacturing of environmentally friendly equipment for pellet, coal production etc. NEW
  • HEMMEL-UKRAINE, Ukraine – production of crushing equipment
  • HOLZENERGIE WEGSCHEID, Germany – design, and manufacture of equipment for wood gasification NEW
  • HOUFEK, Czech Republic – machines for processing and manufacturing of wood products, as well as materials with similar properties
  • IBERUS–KIEV, Ukraine – shell- and end-wood cutters, standard tools
  • ICK GROUP, Ukraine – supply of turn-key plants and lines for pellets production with the capacity of 0.25-12 t/h
  • IGNATOVICH BOGDAN IVANOVICH, Ukraine – new and used woodworking machinery
  • IMAC, Ukraine – equipment, and supplies for woodworking and furniture enterprises
  • IMEKS, Ukraine – design and manufacture of high-quality woodworking equipment
  • INCOMAC, Italy – design and manufacture of wood drying equipment NEW
  • INTEKS PLUS, Group of companies, Ukraine– design, and manufacture of woodworking tools
  • INWOLD, Ukraine – complete lines for processing waste into fuel briquettes and pellets, lump waste grinders, band saws
  • ITA TOOLS, Ukraine – sale of woodworking tools 
  • JAVIR COMPANY, Ukraine – production of woodworking machinery
  • KEMICHAL UKRAINE, Ukraine – sale of lacquers and varnishes for furniture factories
  • KHARCHUK O.V., PE, Ukraine – manufacturer of vacuum presses NEW
  • KІVERTSІLІSMASH, Ukraine – manufacturer of production lines and individual machines for complete processing of wood
  • KMA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – a wide range of woodworking equipment
  • KOMKONT, Belarus – manufacturer of industrial boilers, utilizing waste wood 
  • KOTLOTEH, Ukraine – production of solid fuel boilers, heat generators, hoppers, thermal energy storage canisters, fuel feeding systems, etc.MOTOR SICH, Ukraine – manufacture of gasoline and electric saws, walking tractors with detachable equipment, etc.
  • LATSCHBACHER UKRAINE, Ukraine – supplier of logistics solutions for forestry, representative of Latschbacher GmbH NEW
  • LE.KO., Poland – manufacture and installation of timber drying kilns and steaming chambers
  • LEDINEK ENGINEERING, Slovenia – molding/profiling and planning machines, etc.
  • LEITZ INSTRUMENTY UKRAINA, Ukraine – full range of precision instruments for the industrial processing of wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals
  • LEUCO UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacturer of diamond tools and carbide tools for woodworking and furniture industry
  • LIRA, Ukraine – production, and sale of dry jointed pinewood saw timber
  • LOGOS SPORT DNIPRO, Ukraine – official distributor of all-terrain vehicles, tricycles, snowmobiles of Bombardier Inc. NEW
  • M-GROUP LTD, Ukraine – woodworking tools
  • MARKETLIS, Ukraine – equipment and tools for furniture production
  • MAROTECH, Ukraine – exclusive installer of Fanuc robotic systems for woodworking and furniture industries NEW
  • MAXIMER, Ukraine – sawmill equipment manufacturer under SKYWOOD TM NEW
  • MEBELNOE DELO, Ukraine – edition for furniture manufacturers and wood processing specialists
  • MEBLEVI TECHNOLOGII, Magazine, Ukraine – Ukrainian magazine for furniture industry workers
  • MECHANIK, PI–CE, Ukraine – wood cutting tools
  • MEGARES TM, Ukraine – equipment of Italian factories–producers with long–term experience and reliable reputation
  • META-GROUP, Trade House, Ukraine – sale of woodworking machinery, hand and power tools
  • METALIST, Ukraine – equipment for burning waste wood, wood pellets, sunflower husk and other chopped biomass, boilers, drying systems
  • MHM UKRAINE, Ukraine – sale of hydraulic slewing mobile material handlers for transferring general and bulk cargoes
  • MICHAEL WEINIG AG, Germany – manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood and panels processing
  • MOST–UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools
  • MOST-TOOLS, Ukraine – supplier of woodworking equipment nad tools
  • MOST, TRADING HOUSE, Ukraine – selecting and selling machinery for timber harvesting and transportation, equipment for wood processing into split wood and chip, sawmill equipment
  • MOTOR SICH, Ukraine – manufacture of gasoline and electric saws, walking tractors with detachable equipment, etc.
  • MUKIIEVSKAYA E.A., PE, Ukraine – hard materials for tooling solutions and wear parts
  • MWM GROUP LTD, Ukraine – full range of equipment for wood and wood products manufacture
  • MWM–KIEV, Ukraine – equipment and tools for wood processing, waste wood recycling
  • N.N.N., Ukraine – commercial production of woodworking milling cutters
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LIFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES OF UKRAINE. DEPARTMENT OF WOOD PROCESSING, Ukraine – teaching and research activities in the field of mechanical wood processing
  • NESTRO-UKRAINE, Ukraine - design, delivery, installation services, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of centralized aspiration systems, grinding machinery, and others
  • ODESSA MECHANICAL-REPAIR PLANT, Ukraine – machines for sharpening circular saws with carbide soldering, profile-grinding machines for curved edges
  • OLNOVA, Ukrainian-German enterprise, Ukraine – manufacture of chippers
  • OSTIN, Company, Ukraine – equipment, and instruments for furniture manufacture
  • PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – guillotines and multi trip benches for timber processing
  • PELLET ASSOCIATION of UKRAINE, Ukraine – public union aimed at development and promotion of solid biofuels production and use of bioenergy NEW
  • PODILLYA PARK, Ukraine – official dealer of motor equipment under the trademarks STIHL (Germany) and VIKING (Austria)
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft–und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austria – boilers generating heat and power from biomass, local and district heating systems
  • PRO-STO, Ukraine – CNC and laser machines' supplier
  • PROFESSIONAL COATINGS, Ukraine – Ukrainian trade magazine
  • PROKOMPAKT, Ukraine – laser equipment for wood engraving NEW
  • PROMINFO FINISHING, Ukraine – CEFLA, WAGNER finishing equipment NEW
  • PROMMET, TH, Ukraine – sale of logging machinery and tractors
  • RIGA RUSLAN VALERYEVICH, Ukraine – carbide tools for CNC machines
  • RMP, SIA, Latvia – consultation, designing, manufacturing and delivery of German briquetting systems
  • ROJEK–LVIV, Ukraine – woodworking and special equipment, boilers 
  • SECAL, Italy – manufacturer of timber drying equipment and technologies
  • SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – mobile and stationary wide line equipment for log breaking
  • SDL-PLUS, Ukraine – painting and coating materials Remmers, Greentherm
  • SHASHEL WOOD, Ukraine – production of glued wooden semi-finished products, including blockboard
  • SLOBODAINSTRUMENT, Ukraine – supply of tools for wood processing
  • SORMEC 2000 SRL, Italy – design, production and installation of presses and clamping/pressing systems
  • SPETSTECHSERVICE, Ukraine – cranes, construction cranes, railway cranes, rotators, loading hooks, tow trucks, work baskets, pumps, shovels, mechanical howls
  • SPETSTRANSZAPCHAST, Ukraine – machines, and equipment for woodworking industry
  • STATE FOREST RESOURCES AGENCY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – state authority in the field of forest and hunting management
  • STANCOMPLECT, Ukraine – consumables, and accessories for woodworking machines
  • STANKODNIPRO, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools for furniture production 
  • STELA LAXHUBER GmbH, Germany – international company focusing in the field of drying technology NEW
  • STM UKRAINE, Ukraine – supplier of driven equipment and conveyer components, official distributor of STM, GSM, Neri Motori, System Plast NEW
  • STORTI S.p.A., Italy – production of woodworking machinery
  • STOIK TRADING COMPANY, Ukraine – official dealer of BRP Company (Bombardier Recreational Products) NEW
  • STRYI, Ukraine – professional tools for wood-carving NEW
  • TAVIS, Ukraine – manufacture of equipment for heat treatment of wood, wood treatment services, sale of thermally modified wood
  • TECNO AZZURRA, Italy – manufacturer of painting systems for manual spray painting or semiautomatic painting
  • TECNOCOM, Ukraine – supplier of industrial woodworking equipment and CNC machines
  • TEHNOLIS, Ukraine – production of woodworking tools
  • TECHNOLOGICAL BUREAU, Ukraine – equipment, tools and materials for wood processing and furniture production
  • TECHNOS, Ukraine – software for furniture production and cutting ASTRA
  • TERMOLEGNO, Italy – wood dryers manufacturer
  • TOTAN-GROUP, Ukraine – woodworking machines and tools, sawmill machinery, band saw equipment, drying chambers, machines for furniture production, joinery and primary processing
  • UDACHA, Ukraine – production of woodworking equipment and millwork
  • UK, Ukraine – machines for the production of pellets and briquettes from various raw materials
  • UKRAINIAN NATIONAL FORESTRY UNIVERSITY, Ukraine – provision of forestry services
  • UKRAINIAN WOODWORKING MACHINERY ASSOCIATION (UWMA), Ukraine – voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization of the suppliers of furniture and woodworking equipment and tools, technologies, services and forestry machinery
  • UkrPKTIlisprom, Ukraine – equipment and tools for woodworking industry
  • ULF-FINANCE, Ukraine - leasing service NEW
  • UNIPLUS, Ukraine – sale of pneumatic tools and fasteners
  • USTUNKARLI MAKINE A.S., Turkey – production of woodworking machinery
  • VALMAGGI CALDAIE, Italy – biomass boilers manufacturer
  • VECOPLAN, Germany – wood waste chopping and processing, pellets production NEW
  • VEISTO OY, Finland – design, and manufacture of equipment for timber processing under HewSaw trademark NEW
  • VIROK, Ukraine – official distributor of such trademarks as Stanley, Yato, Black&Decker, Norton Clipper, JET, Vorel, Selsil NEW
  • WINEIDEA, Ukraine – studio producing crafted wood design pieces made of oak NEW
  • WINTERSTEIGER, Austria – thin-cutting solutions for wood
  • WOODBUSINESSPORTAL.COM, Romania – the world's leading wood marketplace connecting buyers, sellers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters across the globe
  • WOODPROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES CENTER, Ukraine – cost calculation and setup of woodworking industry production related to processing of solid wood and wood-based panels
  • WOODWORKING NEWS, Belarus – industry media
  • WRAVOR, Slovenia – woodworking machinery manufacturer
  • YAVIR, VKF, Ukraine – paints, varnishes and wood protection materials under JOWAT TM NEW
  • YEVROTEKH, Ukraine – vacuum grippers for wood and wood panels NEW
  • YUSHCHYSHYN, Ukraine – manufacture, sale and service of professional equipment for woodworking and furniture production
  • ZAVOD KOBZARENKA, Ukraine – manufacturer of tractor trailers NEW
  • ZENITECH, Ukraine – metal cutting, sheet working and woodworking machines

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