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From September 26 to 29, the most authoritative domestic woodworking exhibition LISDEREVMASH 2017 will be held in Kiev. About 150 companies from 15 countries will be represented at the site, which will be shown machines, equipment and tools for the timber, woodworking and furniture industries. This year the event will be marked by an unprecedented number of novelties - world premier equipment and technologies, which will be brought to Kiev after the main world exhibitions.

By the long tradition in the end of September the International Exhibition of Machines, Equipment and Technologies for the Woodworking and Furniture Industry LISDEREVMASH is held in Kiev. This time it will unite about 150 companies and more than 200 brands. At the same time about 20% of the exposition will be made by participants who came to the exhibition for the first time. In addition to everything, LISDEREVMASH 2017 will consolidate its status as an international event, as it will present companies from 15 countries of the world, including Austria, Belarus, Germany, Latvia, France, Slovenia, Turkey and others. At the same time, it was Turkish companies that showed great interest to the Ukrainian market in general, and to the exhibition in particular.

The usual and obligatory attribute of all LISDEREVMASH exhibitions is the opportunity to see on its site the largest Ukrainian companies and world brands. In 2017, among them will be FOREZIENNE, ITA TOOLS, LEDINEK, LEITZ, LEUCO, NESTRO, POLYTECHNIK, SIA RMP, SERRA, WINTERSTEIGER, MARKETLIS, MWM-KYIV, MOST-UKRAINE, MOTOR SICH, STANKODNEPR, ROYEK-LVIV, FELDER UKRAINE , HEMMEL-UKRAINE and many others.

The main concept of LISDEREVMASH as an exhibition event is the opportunity to see solutions for all tasks in the wood processing process - from growing and harvesting, primary and deep processing of wood, to furniture production and effective utilization of costs. All these categories are logically written in four thematic sections. In the WoodMachinery section, machines and tools for forestry, primary and secondary woodworking equipment, and machine tools for the production of joiner's products are exhibited. FurniTech exposition demonstrates equipment, accessories, components and materials for furniture production. A direction WoodProduct represents timber and lumber, molded and wooden products. The open site of the exhibition LISDEREVMASH serves as a place for demonstration of large-sized machinery and special machines, saws, shredders and boiler equipment. And the exposition of WoodEnergy covers a full range of technologies for grinding and recycling of wood waste, pellet production, as well as boiler equipment operating on solid fuels.

Taking into account the fact that LISDEREVMASH passes just a few months after the biggest European exhibitions, it becomes a platform for the premier and enables Ukrainian producers to get acquainted with the latest technologies at home.

Thus, the company "MARKETLIS" brings to Ukraine a revolutionary IT solution - a digital digital platform tapio from HOMAG. It unites all the software products that are used in the woodworking industry and allows, for example, to monitor the current status of the production process on the machine and the time of its completion, monitor the condition of the equipment and the resource of the tool. The company will also present a new range of Venture 113/114/115 from NOMAG - machines with a steel welded frame that allow universal use for solutions in 3-4-5-axis machining, have a fast and accurate system of synchronous drives on linear guides and an innovative system control powerTouch.

Soon after the world premiere at the German exhibition, a new Vortex band saw from Wood-Mizer with a patented tooth geometry will be presented in Kiev. During operation, it removes sawdust, leaving a clean cut. Another global premiere of the brand is the line of machines for the wide saw TITAN, designed to increase the yield of finished products while reducing energy costs. As well as the previous novelties, the stand of the exclusive representative of the Wood-Mizer brand - the company MOST-Ukraine - can be seen and the machine WB2000 - the EU version. The machine can work as a separate machine or be a part of the production line and copes with decks weighing up to 6 tons and up to 12 meters in length.

Global innovations will be available to Ukrainians in the category of tools. A recognized expert in the field of production of hard alloys CERATIZIT this year introduced CeraShield - coating for replacement knives, which extends the service life of the tool up to 10 times. The novelty will be available at the stand of the Ukrainian representative - FLP Elena Mukievskaya.

The newest solutions of the concern SCM Group will be presented by the company "Dolinho". This 5-axis machining center Morbidelli M100 is a universal machine that can solve almost any problem in furniture and carpentry. Morbidelli M100 is the representative of a new generation of machining centers from SCM Group. Its modular design allows you to choose the most optimal configuration: console or flat work tables, 3x, 4x and 5-axis milling groups, a variety of drilling units and tool changers.

The business program of the exhibition this year also will not do without new formats. So, the exhibition will house a carpentry workshop where visitors will be able to communicate with masters from different regions of Ukraine, learn new techniques or techniques, or maybe for the first time work with one or another instrument. In addition to practical exercises, guests will also be able to attend seminars on wood drying, carpentry work, and the development of new furniture joints.

By the way to study in the hall will be able not only experienced masters, but also a growing change of woodworkers. The format of dual training, tested for the first time last year, fell on the taste of both teachers and students. This year, students of Ukrainian profile universities will again be able to listen to lectures right at the exhibition.

Those who are tired of work will be able to take a break and again become witnesses to the competitions of athletes - and to look at the "Most-Ukraine" stand by the performance of the team of the Strongman within the second stage of the program "Strong business for strong people". And they will also be able to observe the unusual craftsmanship - the making of a chainsaw sculpture.

For many years, LISDEREVMASH has been the main business platform for finding suppliers and customers, getting to know the latest developments for specialists in forestry, woodworking and furniture production. This is the only profile exhibition of the country, certified by the standards of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). It is supported by the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Woodworking Machinery (UADO), and the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Eumabois.

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