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Statistics 2009


Trade Fair area 7433 sqm
Exposition area 4005 sqm (roofed - 2740 sqm, opened - 1265 sqm)
The number of registered visitors who filled the registration cards (including via Internet) 4837 visitors
The number of exhibitors 160 companies
- national exhibitors 117 companies
- foreign exhibitors 43 companies (Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey)


Assessment of visitors on branches of the economy
Woodworking industry 44
Furniture industry 33
Forestry 16
Other 7
Position structure of visitors
Top executives 35
Private proprietor 27
Specialist, technologist, manager 16
Average executives 14
Other 8
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 34
Eastern Region 8
Western Region   22
Central Region   14
Northern Region 11
Southern Region 9
Foreign countries 2



  • AAGAARD, Denmark – exhaust systems and filters for woodworking and furniture industry, paint systems
  • ABC-2000, Ukraine - wood-cutting tools
  • ACIMALL, Italy – Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association
  • ADHEZIA, Ukraine - JOWAT Glues (Germany) for woodworking and furniture industry
  • A-M-S ELEKTRONIK, Poland – elements for drying chambers, complete collapsible metal (aluminum) drying chambers
  • ANKONTECH, Ukraine - equipment for furniture industry
  • ANT Ukraina, Ukraine - woodworking equipment sale
  • APEX France - band saws, disk saws, joiner's saws and diamond tools, etc.
  • Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), Germany
  • ATLANTA-NORD, Ukraine - paint-and-lacquer materials wholesale, painting services
  • ATON SERVICE, Ukraine - aspiration plants, systems of ventilation
  • AUTRA, Ukraine – reclamation equipment, cleavers
  • AVIKO, Ukraine – complex of equipment for wooden houses building
  • AVK-PROMUkraine - aspiration equipment
  • BACHMANN Maschinen AG, Switzerland - used woodworking machines
  • BARTON Maquinaria S.L., Spain – equipment for wood processing
  • BAYKAL-trade, Ukraine - Ukrainian producer of high-quality sliced veneer
  • BELLATRIX, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • BON-TON, Ukraine – equipment for painting (industrial paint-and-lacquer materials)
  • BREZE, Ukraine - elaboration and manufacture of equipment for furniture industry
  • BRUKS KLOCKNER GmbH, Germany - manufactures and supplies machines and turnkey solutions for wood processing
  • BURO MASH, Ukraine -  industrial equipment (machines and equipment)
  • BUSINESS-DOSYEEditorial staff, Ukraine - professional advertising and informational editions, price lists
  • CMP Europe BV, the Netherlands – machines for fragmentation and granulation of materials
  • DALGAKIRAN COMPRESSOR, Ukraine - industrial equipment
  • DASK-CENTER, Ukraine - equipment for cabinet furniture production
  • DEREVO.INFO, Ukraine – specialized web-site of woodworking industry
  • DEREVOOBROBNYK, Ukraine - Ukrainian woodworking newspaper
  • DEREWO.RU/RIA Press, Russia - the leading woodworking business edition on the Russian market
  • DIOS, Ukraine - wide range of woodworking equipment
  • DNEPRO, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools
  • DOMINO-S, Ukraine - filling materials: putties, polyamides, hard waxes, soft waxes, retouching materials, varnishes
  • DREV_KO, Ukrtehnopromsnab, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and sanding systems
  • ELASTYK-VALUkraine - recovering and manufacturing rubber rollers for woodworking machines
  • EWD, Germany –industrial  sawmill equipment
  • EКО-inform, Publishing House, Ukraine – wide range of polygraphic works
  • FARBIYA, Ukraine – paint and varnish production
  • Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), Germany
  • FELDER GROUP Ukraine, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • FOREZIENNE MFLS, France – equipment for woodworking industry
  • FURNITURE TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • GASS PPH Sp. z.o.o, Poland– a broad spectrum of equipment for woodworking and furniture industry
  • GIPER, Ukraine - equipment for wood and  saw-timber drying
  • GLORIA-SERVICE, Ukraine – rubber rollers covering for woodworking machines
  • GOLDEN TRADE, Ukraine - equipment for crumbling and subsequent processing of wastes from joiner's and furniture manufacture
  • GORLUSH CO, Ukraine - hydraulic presses, wood-drying chambers, aspiration systems
  • GORZOWSKA FABRYKA MASZYN Sp. z.o.o, Poland – equipment for massive wood preprocessing
  • GRINAS, Ukraine - manufacturing, projecting and service of wood-cutting tools
  • HIGH POINT Ukraine, Ukraine - woodworking equipment for small and middle businesses
  • HOMAX, Ukraine - furniture manufacturing materials trading company
  • HOUFEK AS, the Czech Republic – grinding machines for preprocessing of wood and other materials with analogous characteristics
  • IBERUS-KIEV, Ukraine - arbor--type and end woodworking milling cutters, standard instrument
  • ICK Group, Ukraine - development of new technologies, designing, construction, putting pelletized biofuel production enterprises into operation
  • IMAC Ukraine, Ukraine - equipment and supplies for woodworking and furniture enterprises
  • INFORMBUSINESS, Ukraine – catalogue "All for furniture industry and joinery "
  • INKLA – KIEV, Ukraine – manufacture and sale of harvesting equipment and machines
  • INNOVATION ALLIANCE, Ukraine – professional electric and  air tools
  • INSTANKOSERVIS, Ukraine – woodworking equipment
  • INTEKS, Ukraine - instruments for woodworking and furniture producing
  • INTER PLUS, Ukraine - band-saws manufacture and sale
  • INWORLD, Ukraine - complex lines for wood waste recycle into fuel briquettes, pellets, wood cuts shredders, band saws
  • INZHTEHSERVICE, Ukraine - wood- and metal-working equipment
  • IST (Representative of General Dies), Ukraine – machines for granulation and preprocessing of different materials
  • ITALCOLOR, Ukraine - paint-and-lacquer products, different glues, consumables
  • ITALINVEST, Ukraine - used and new woodworking machinery
  • JASEN, Ukraine - woodworking equipment production
  • KALISCHUK, Ukraine - devices for drying chambers
  • KAMI, Ukraine - imported machines and equipment for producing furniture, windows, doors
  • KAMI-KIEV Company, Ukraine – machines for furniture and foam-rubber production
  • KATRES SPOL, the Czech Republic –drying chambers for wood
  • KIILTO-KLEIi, Ukraine - glues for the woodworking industry
  • K-SERVICE, Ukraine - spare parts for woodworking equipment
  • KYIV FORESTRY, Ukraine - harvesting and woodworking equipment
  • LAVRUS, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools
  • LE.KO, Poland – drying chambers for saw-timber
  • LEDINEK, the Republic of Slovenia – planers, molding and planing machines and other equipment
  • LEGNOPROM, Ukraine – technological engineering
  • LEITZ GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – woodworking instruments (equipment for wood preprocessing)
  • LESPROMINFORM, Russia – "LesPromInform" specialized magazine 
  • LEUCO UkrainE, Ukraine - professional diamond tools servicing
  • LIRA, Ukraine – produces dry jointed pinewood saw timber
  • LISSERVIS-INSTRUMENT, Ukraine - woodcutting and woodworking machines
  • LUNJIAO, China – the  first-rate base of woodworking equipment manufacturers in Asiatic region
  • MACAGROTECH, Ukraine –heat-generators manufacture
  • MAGR, Companies group,  Ukraine – manufacture of equipment for wood processing
  • MARKETLIS, Ukraine - woodworking machines, equipment and tools for furniture manufacture
  • MAYSTER & Co, Ukraine – woodworking equipment
  • MEBLIDEREVPROM, Ukraine – association of furniture and woodworking enterprises
  • MECHANIK, Ukraine - woodcutting tools
  • MEGARES, Ukraine –convection driers of saw-timber (Termolegno)
  • META-GROUP, Ukraine – woodworking equipment (“JET”)
  • M-GrouP, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • MIDA, Portugal –woodworking equipment factory
  • MOST-Ukraina, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • MUKIYEVSKAYA Elena, Ukraine – material and equipment
  • MWM GROUP, Ukraine – equipment and tools for wood processing
  • N.N.N.,Ukraine - manufacture of windows, doors, furniture
  • NAVKO, Ukraine - welding machines
  • NESTRO – Lufttechnik/Universalservice, Ukrainian representative office – tableting machines, revolving bundle holders, painting,  grinding and energy-conserving systems
  • NOVELTA UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment
  • NURNBERG Global Fairs GmbH, Germany
  • ODESSA mechanical-repair plant, Ukraine - profile-grinding machines
  • OLMON, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • OLNOVAJoint Ukrainian – German Company, Ukraine – chippers manufacture
  • OS PANTO UKRAINE/Vinnitsa Industrial Group, Ukraine – equipment for air extracting and refinement, heat exchangers and additional equipment for utilization of  timber waste products
  • OSRODEK TECHNIKI LESNEJ, Poland – specialized machines and equipment for forestry
  • OSTIN Firm, Ukraine – domestic and import machines and tools
  • P. W. ANNA SP. z.o.o, Poland – wood protection tools, autoclaves and baths for wood impregnation
  • PAINT YARD, Deco, Ukraine - paint-and-lacquer products, glues
  • PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – guillotines and multirip benches for timber processing
  • PLANETA Servis-K, Ukraine - metal - and woodworking machines and equipment ("Optimum" and "FDB Maschinen")
  • PODILLYA, Ukraine - manufacture of wood-cutting tools
  • POLIS, Ukraine - official representative of manufacturers of woodworking hardware and supplies
  • PREBENA-Ukraine, Ukraine - fastening pneumatic tools and fasteners
  • PRIDE – PNEUMATIC, Ukraine - air-driven fastening machines
  • PRIMEKS, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools
  • PROF LIS, Ukraine – battens, deck - planks
  • PROFESSIONAL COATINGS, Goldman-Ukraine, Ukraine - all Ukrainian specialized magazine
  • REMMERS – Ukraine, Ukraine - paint and varnish production for internal and external wooden products
  • RMP SIA, Latvia – equipment and technologies for secondary raw materials renewal (from industrial and domestic waste products)
  • ROFELIX UNIVERS SRL, Rumania – band-saws for woodworking
  • ROJEK-LVIV, Ukrainian-Czech JV, Ukraine - equipment for production from a solid wood
  • RONTGEN-Ukraine, Ukraine - contour band tools
  • RWT s.r.o., the Czech Republic – woodworking equipment
  • SAN Company, Ukraine – equipment for woodworking industry
  • SCHELLING AWB, Ukraine - machinery and equipment for forestry woodworking and furniture industry
  • SECAL, Italy – drying systems
  • SERRA MASCHINENBAU GmbH, Germany – mobile and stationary wide line equipment for breaking of logs
  • SIONA, Ukraine - producer of utilizing furnaces (boilers)
  • SPETSLISMASH, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • SPETSTECHSERVICE, Ukraine – servicing of crane-manipulators, building cranes, railway cranes
  • STANKODNIPRO, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • TAIWAN Woodworking Machinery ASSN, Taiwan – Taiwan Association of woodworking equipment 
  • TECHCONTROL-Ukraine, Ukraine - wood coatings and finishing products, furniture polishes and cleaners touch-up and repair products for wood
  • TECSA, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • TEHNOLIS, Ukraine - wide assortment of instruments for woodworking and furniture industry
  • TEKNAMOTOR, Poland – wood chippers and hammer mills
  • TEPLORESURS, Russia - produces water boilers and automated boiler-houses
  • The Ukrainian designing technological institute of forestry UkrPKTIlisprom, Ukraine - timber drying plants and wood steaming machines
  • TOOL PLUS, Ukraine - woodworking equipment, band and disk saws
  • TRYVAD, Ukraine - heating equipment 
  • TUBES International, Ukraine – couplings, pneumatic accessories
  • UKRAINIAN TECHNOOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine - heat-generators of hot air
  • UKRAINIAN WOOD MARKET, Ukraine - specialized portal of wood, woodworking and the furniture industry
  • UNIFOREST d.o.o., the Republic of Slovenia – harvesting equipment and machinery
  • VDMA- German Engineering Federation, Germany – the Association of woodworking equipment manufacturers
  • VENJAKOB, Germany– surface technologies
  • VIDA, Ukraine – hydraulic wood-choppers, log splitters
  • VIZAR-AB, Ukraine - producing and selling of abrasive materials
  • WEGOMA – Weiss Holzmaschinen GmbH, Germany – special solutions and standard machines for wood processing
  • WEIMER HYDRAVLICS, Ukraine - cranes, hydraulic winches, carriages
  • WINTERSTEIGER, Russian representatives – tools, equipment and saw blades for thin-cutting of wood
  • WOODWORKING & FURNITURE DIGEST, Taiwan – specialized monthly magazine
  • WOODWORKING NEWS, Belorussia –  monthly magazine for timber cutting, woodworking, furniture and machine-building enterprises
  • YAVIR, Ukraine -  woodworking equipment production
  • YUSHCHYSHYN, Ukraine – painting, drying and steaming technologies for woodworking industry
  • ZENTR Technologij Derevoobrabotki, Ukraine - woodworking equipment, tools, drying chambers, boilers and utilizers



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