Totals of LISDEREVMASH' 2013*:
Trade Fair area 6647 sqm
Exposition area 3702 sqm (roofed - 2628 sqm, opened - 1074 sqm)
The number of registered visitors who filled the registration cards(including via Internet) 10681 visitors
The number of exhibitors 132 companies
- national exhibitors 100 companies
- foreign exhibitors 32 companies (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, France, Czech Republic and Estonia)


Assessment of visitors on branches of the economy %
Woodworking industry 44,06
Furniture industry 35,6
Forestry 15,99
Other 4,35
Position structure of visitors %
Top executives 33,15
Private proprietor 30,3
Specialist, technologist, manager 15,5
Average executives 14,8
Other 6,25
Distribution of visitors according to regions: %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 32,9
Eastern Region 24,3
Western Region   13,3
Central Region   9,8
Northern Region 8,6
Southern Region 8,6
Foreign countries 2,5

* - Data is certified by the international audit and consulting  BDO International Companies Group




  • ACIMALL, Italy - Italian Association of the equipment and tools for the woodworking industry
  • AFEMMA, Spain - the Spanish Association of Woodworking Machinery, Equipment and Product Manufacturers
  • AKZO NOBEL DECOR UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - industrial paints and varnishes for wood industry
  • A-LAP, LLC, Ukraine – production of high-quality frame and band saws and their service
  • AMKODOR UKROSPETSMASH, LLC, Ukraine - one of the leading manufacturers of timber, road construction, municipal, airport, cleaning, snow removal, agricultural and other special vehicles
  • AS-ENGINEERING, LLC, Ukraine - engineering, import, installation works, performing warranty and after sales service of filtering systems of centralized aspiration, dust collectors, shredder machines, boiling systems and equipment, aimed at recycling waste wood
  • ATON SERVICE, Ukraine - aspiration equipment, ventilation equipment, waste wood
  • AUTRA, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for recycling, machinery for chopping wood
  • AVK-PROM, LLC, Ukraine - aspiration equipment
  • BAYKAL-UA, LTD, Ukraine - producer of high-quality sliced veneer
  • BIOOBLADSERVICE/ TM BIOFUEL EQUIPMENT, Ukraine - production of biofuels, the service drying complexes
  • BON-TON, Ukraine – equipment for painting (industrial paint-and-lacquer materials)
  • BRUKS GROUP GMBH, Germany - a global supplier of complete systems for wood-processing, bulk materials handling and etc.
  • BURO MACH, LLC, Ukraine - supply machines and tools
  • CARMAC GROUP SrL, Italy - equipment and technology for woodworking
  • CHING HWA ADVERTISEMENT CO., LTD, Taiwan - publishing woodworking equipment magazine - PIONEER
  • CML FINISHING, Italy - finishing lines for wood, glass, plastic and metal
  • D LIGHT, Management Company, Velmash-Ukraine, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer of mobile lifting equipment
  • DC-TECHNO, Ukraine - woodworking machines sales
  • DREVO, LTD, Ukraine - production of veneer MDF profiles and facades
  • DEREVO.INFO, LTD, Ukraine - specialized web-site of woodworking industry
  • DEREVO.RU/ RP BUSINESS, Russia - Russia's largest business magazine about woodworking
  • DEREVOOBROBNYK, Ukraine - Ukrainian woodworking newspaper
  • DIOS, Ukraine - woodworking equipment, waste, boilers
  • DIVA, LLC, Ukraine - sale of vanishing and painting materials
  • DOLIGNO, LTD, Ukraine – exclusive representative of equipment for furniture manufacture, produced by SCM and Minimax (SCM Group, Italy)
  • DREV-KO, UKRTEHNOPROMSNAB, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and sanding systems
  • EKO-inform, Publishing House, Ukraine - specialized publications
  • ELASTYK-VAL, LTD, Ukraine - renewal and the production of cylinders and rollers for woodworking equipment
  • EQUIPMENT AND TOOL FOR PROFESSIONALS, Ukraine - trade magazine
  • FABA SERVICE, LLC, Ukraine - woodworking tools and services
  • FANUM, Poland - producer of fast and efficient CNC machines for wood, aluminium and plastics
  • FELDER GROUP UKRAINE LTD, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools for furniture and joinery
  • FESTOOL-UKRAINE, Ukraine - general importer of professional equipment, manufactured in Germany, for timber production, processing, artificial stone, painting and auto service
  • FORDAQ S.A., Belgium - literature for woodworking and furniture industry specialists
  • FOREZIENNE MFLS, France - tools for the woodworking industry
  • FROLING HEIZKESSEL-UND BEHALTERBAU GESMBH, Austria - pellet boiler, firewood boiler, wood chip boiler, etc.
  • GOLTSSERVIS, Ltd, Ukraine – wide range of glues
  • GORLUSH CO, Ukraine - hydraulic presses, stoves, aspiration systems, etc.
  • GRECON GRETEN GMBH & CO. KG, Germany - electronic measurement and control systems
  • HEMMEL-UKRAINE LTD, Ukraine - production of crushing equipment
  • HOUFEK, Ltd., Czech Republic - is a manufacturer of machines for the processing and manufacturing of wood products, as well as materials with similar properties
  • HÖCHSMANN (HOECHSMANN GMBH), Germany – secondhand woodworking machinery
  • ICK GROUP, Ukraine - performs engineering support projects for the production of solid biofuels, procurement TM GRANTECH for pellet production
  • IBERUS-KIEV, Ukraine - shell-and end-wood cutters, standard tools
  • IMAC Ukraine, Ukraine - equipment and supplies for the woodworking and furniture enterprises
  • IMEKS, PE, Ukraine - design and manufacture of high-quality woodworking equipment
  • IMPREGNA Sp. z o.o., Poland - machines and technical equipment for surface finishing
  • INFORMBUSINESS, LTD, Ukraine - publishing and online projects
  • INMATECH, Ukraine - delivery of tools and spare parts, servicing
  • INSTRUMENTAL, PC, Ukraine - equipment for wood processing (Logosol, Norwood), gasoline tools (Husqvarna) and hand tools
  • INTEKS PLUS, Group of companies, Ukraine - design and manufacture of woodworking tools
  • INWOLD, LLC, Ukraine - complete lines for processing waste into fuel briquettes, pellets, lump waste grinders, band saws
  • ISHCHENKO, PE, Ukraine - production of membrane vacuum presses for veneering
  • ITALCOLOR UKRAINE, Ukraine - sale of paint products and materials for furniture production
  • ITA TOOLS/ Basun, M.V., PE, Ukraine – sale of woodworking tools and tools for furniture production
  • ITTON SERVICE, Ukraine - warranty and post-warranty service of woodworking machinery
  • KALISCHUK, PE, Ukraine - we sell and produce woodworking equipment
  • KAMI, LLC, Ukraine - equipment of leading European brands for producing of furniture, facades and other joinery
  • KOMKONT, Belarus - manufacturing, installation and commissioning of boilers, utilizing wood waste
  • KOZAK +, PCC, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for packaging, supplies, loading and lifting equipment, compressors
  • KІVERTSІLІSMASH, Ukraine - a manufacturer of production lines and single machines to complete processing of wood
  • LEDINEK ENGINEERING, Slovenia - planers, molding and planning machines and other equipment
  • LEITZ INSTRUMENTY UKRAINA, LTD, Ukraine - full range of precision instruments for the industrial processing of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals
  • LENIV, Ukraine - sale and servicing of woodworking tools
  • LEUCO UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - professional service of tools for the woodworking and furniture industry
  • LIKA-SVIT, LTD, Ukraine - production of solid fuel boilers
  • LIRA, LTD, Ukraine - produces and sells dry jointed pinewood saw timber
  • MAGR, Group of companies, Ukraine - manufacture of equipment for wood processing
  • MARKETLIS, PE, Ukraine - equipment and tools for the production of furniture
  • MEBELDEREVPROM, Ukraine - Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises and organizations
  • MEBLEVI TECHNOLOGII, Magazine, Ukraine - a leading Ukrainian magazine for chief executives and specialists of the furniture industry
  • MECHANIK, PI-CE, Ukraine - woodcutting tools
  • MEGARES, TM, Ukraine - convection dryers for lumber Termolegno, paint booths, presses for veneering
  • МЕTА-GROUP, TH, Ukraine - supplier of professional woodworking equipment
  • M-GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - woodworking machinery and tools
  • MION & MOSOLE I.A.I. SPA, Italy - design and construction of dust extraction and air scrubbing systems with bag filters, fans and dust storage silos, plus other systems such as extracting, pneumatic conveying, crushing and etc.
  • MK DVA, LCC, Ukraine - production and sale of professional abrasives for metal, wood, leather and glass processing, etc.
  • MOST-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools
  • MOTOR SICH, Ukraine – manufacture of petrol power saws and electric saws, walk-behind tractors and attached implements, etc.
  • MÜHLBÖCK-VANICEK, Austria – equipment and technologies for woodworking
  • MUKIYEVSKAYA, PE, Ukraine - materials and tools
  • MWM GROUP, LLC, Ukraine - full range of equipment for wood and wood products manufacturing
  • MWM-Kiev, LTD, Ukraine - equipment and tools for wood, waste wood
  • N.N.N., LTD, Ukraine –cutters commercial production of woodworking milling cutters
  • NORRES UKRAINE, Ukraine - a subsidiary of the German manufacturer of industrial hose
  • ODESSA MECHANICAL-REPAIR PLANT, Ukraine - profile-grinding machines
  • OLNOVA, Ukrainian-German enterprise in the form of LTD, Ukraine - chippers manufacture
  • OSTIN, Company, LLC, Ukraine - equipment and instruments of domestic and import furniture manufacture
  • PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - guillotines and multi rip benches for timber processing
  • PETROVSKY, TH, Ukraine - sale of woodworking tools
  • PLANT OF HEATING ENGINEERING DEVICES, Ukraine - production of equipment for cleaning of air from industrial emissions
  • PNEUMOMASTER, PE, Ukraine - supplier of professional pneumatic tools and pneumatic equipment for woodworking branch
  • POLIS, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools
  • POL-KRES EDWOOD, PE, Poland - producer of laminated boards (shields) of oak
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft-und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austria - boilers, generate heat and power from "biomass", the system of local and district heating
  • PONSSE, Russia - selling logging equipment
  • POSTFORMPLAST, Ukraine - production of furniture fronts and worktops "Postforming" lined with HPL plastic, veneered fronts, etc.
  • PROFELYER, LLC, Ukraine - decorative profiles that imitate wood carving
  • PROFESSIONAL COATINGS, Ukraine - Ukrainian trade magazine
  • PRO-STO, Ukraine - supplier of engraving, milling and NPC laser equipment under the following OEM brands as STO СNС and STO LASER that provides clients with full service and production support of equipment
  • REMMERS–UKRAINE, Ukraine - paint and varnish production for internal and external wooden products
  • RMP, SIA, Latvia – equipment and technologies for secondary raw materials renewal (from industrial and domestic waste products)
  • ROBUST24.EU Przemyslaw Zachwieja, Poland - air blow stoves (with hot air exhaust) and air heaters
  • ROJEK-LVIV, Ukraine - equipment for the production of solid wood boilers for fuel from waste wood
  • RO-MA ZAKLADY NARZEDZI SKRAWAJACYCH SP. Z O.O., Poland - producer of wood-cutting saws
  • SAN COMPANY, PE, Ukraine - is an agent of leading German and Swiss companies, specializing in the sale of used woodworking machinery
  • SEMPRE, Poland - supplier of machinery and equipment for woodworking industry
  • SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany - mobile and stationary wide line equipment for breaking of logs
  • SINAY, Firm, Ukraine – sale of professional paints, varnishes and concomitant
  • SPETSTECHSERVICE, Ukraine - cranes, construction cranes, railway cranes, rotators, loading side, loading hooks, tow trucks, work baskets, pumps, shovels, mechanical howl
  • STANKODNIPRO, LLC, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools for the production of furniture
  • STORTI SpA, Italy - is the largest manufacturer of sawmill equipment and production lines for pallets
  • SVDSZ, Czech Republic - Czech Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association
  • TEHNODREVKOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - supply and sale of milling and engraving machines
  • TECHNOSWIT, Ukraine - equipment for the woodworking and furniture production
  • TECHNOVECTOR, LLC, Ukraine – sale of utility, construction, forestry and farming compact machinery
  • UDACHA, LTD, Ukraine - production of woodworking tools, production of joinery, manufacturing software for the design and production of windows, stairs and furniture
  • UDACHA, SBL, Ukraine - manufacture of half-finished materials: veneer backing, wood edge in rolls, MDF-boards, wood-chip boards, etc.
  • UKRLISPROMOPTTORG, PJSC, Ukraine - specialized in the integrated delivery of the woodworking and furniture industry of Ukraine materials, and components from the best foreign and domestic manufacturers
  • UKRMASHINSTRUMENT, LTD, Ukraine - reliable knives and saws for processing metal, wood, paper and other materials
  • VECOPLAN AG, Germany – manufacture of plants and machines for shredding, conveying and processing primary and secondary raw materials
  • VIDA, LLC, Ukraine - hydraulic splitters
  • VN WOOD, Ukraine - sale of woodworking machinery
  • WEINIG MICHAEL, AG, Germany - is a leading provider of technology for the wood industry and handicraft
  • WOODEX UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - specialized portal timber, woodworking and furniture industry
  • WOODWORKING NEWS, Belarus - monthly full-color newspaper for the forest, wood, furniture and machine tool companies
  • YAVIR, Ukraine - production of woodworking machinery
  • YUSHCHYSHYN, PE, Ukraine - templates for connections in wooden construction, software for wood structures, etc.
  • ZAHID-AGROSERVICE PLUS, Ukraine – manufacture of analog spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment for crushing hardwood



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