Statistics 2014

Totals of LISDEREVMASH' 2014**:
Trade Fair area 3721 sqm
Exposition area 2013 sqm (roofed - 1311 sqm, opened - 702 sqm)
The number of registered visitors who filled the registration cards (including via Internet) 6589 visitors
The number of exhibitors 95 companies
- national exhibitors 80 companies
- foreign exhibitors 15 companies (Austria, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Taiwan, France, Czech Republic and UAE)


Structure of visitors according to regions %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 34,2
Western Region 21,6
Central Region 12,1
Southern Region 7,2
Northern Region 6,3
Eastern Region 2,1
Foreign countries 1,2
Structure of visitors on branches of the economy
Woodworking industry 40,2
Furniture industry 33,15
Forestry 17,12
Other 4,4
Position structure of visitors
Top executives 32,7
Private proprietor 28,2
Specialist, technologist, manager 19,8
Average executives 12,6
Other 6,7


* - Data is certified by the international audit and consulting  BDO International Companies Group

** - excluding Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, and Autonomous Republic of Crimea




  • AGNIS–PLUS, Ukraine – veneer wholesaler
  • AKZO NOBEL HOLDING UKRAINE, Ukraine – industrial paints and varnishes for wood industry
  • A–LAP, Ukraine – production of high–quality frame and band saws and their servicing
  • AS-ENGINEERING, Ukraine - engineering, import, installation works, warranty and after-sales service of filtering systems for centralized aspiration, dust collectors, shredder machines, boiling systems and waste wood recycling equipm
  • ATON SERVICE, Ukraine – aspiration and ventilation equipment
  • AUTRA, Ukraine – recycling equipment, wood chopping machinery
  • AVK-PROM, Ukraine - aspiration equipment
  • BRUKS GROUP GMBH, Germany – global supplier of complete systems for wood processing, bulk material handling and etc.
  • BURO MACH, Ukraine – supply of machines and tools
  • CASELLI GROUP SPA, Italy – new and second–hand woodworking machines
  • CENTER FOR WOODWORKING TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – woodworking equipment, instruments, drying tunnels, boilers and utilizers
  • CHING HWA ADVERTISEMENT CO., Taiwan – publisher of PIONEER woodworking equipment magazine 
  • DEREVO.INFO, Ukraine – specialized website for woodworking industry
  • DEREVO.UA, Ukraine – specialized online resource for woodworking industry
  • DEREVOOBROBNYK, Ukraine – Ukrainian woodworking newspaper
  • DIKIY P.O., Ukraine – production of spare parts, assemblies and components
  • DIOS, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • DIVA, Ukraine – sale of vanishing and painting materials
  • DOLIGNO, Ukraine – exclusive representative of equipment produced by SCM and Minimax (SCM Group, Italy)
  • DREV–KO, UKRTEHNOPROMSNAB, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and sanding systems
  • EQUIPMENT AND TOOL FOR PROFESSIONALS, Ukraine – trade magazine
  • FELDER GROUP UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools for furniture and joinery
  • FORDAQ S.A., Belgium – literature for woodworking and furniture industry specialists
  • FOREST AND HUNTING MAGAZINE, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • FOREZIENNE MFLS, France - tools for woodworking industry
  • GORLUSH CO, Ukraine – hydraulic presses, stoves, aspiration systems, etc.
  • HEMMEL-UKRAINE, Ukraine - production of crushing equipment
  • HOUFEK, Czech Republic – machines for processing and manufacturing of wood products, as well as materials with similar properties
  • I.C.K. ENGINEERING, Ukraine – manufacture of turn–key plants and lines for pellet production (capacity: 0,25–12 t/h)
  • IBERUS–KIEV, Ukraine – shell–and end–wood cutters, standard tools
  • INFORMBUSINESS, Ukraine – publishing and online projects
  • INTEKS PLUS, Group of companies, Ukraine - design and manufacture of woodworking tools
  • INTERNATIONAL FUEL COMPANY, Ukraine – production of boilers
  • IMEKS, Ukraine - design and manufacture of high-quality woodworking equipment
  • ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o., Poland – sale of woodworking tools and tools for furniture production
  • KALISCHUK, Ukraine – sale and production of woodworking equipment
  • KІVERTSІLІSMASH, Ukraine - a manufacturer of production lines and single machines to complete processing of wood
  • KOMKONT, Belarus – manufacture, installation and commissioning of boilers utilizing wood wastes
  • KOZAK +, PCC, Ukraine – equipment for packaging, loading and lifting equipment, compressors
  • LEDINEK Maschinen und Anlagen, Austria – planers, molding and planing machines and other equipment
  • LEITZ INSTRUMENTY UKRAINA, Ukraine – full range of precision instruments for industrial processing of wood, plastic and non–ferrous metals
  • LEUCO UKRAINE, Ukraine – professional service of tools for woodworking and furniture industry
  • LIRA, Ukraine – production and sale of dry jointed pinewood saw timber
  • LIUTS, Ukraine – production of the spare parts for woodworking machinery
  • MARKETLIS, Ukraine – equipment and tools for furniture production
  • MASTER & K, Ukraine – equipment for furniture production
  • MEBEL.UA, Ukraine – online portal for furniture market players
  • MEBLEVI TECHNOLOGII, Magazine, Ukraine – leading Ukrainian magazine for chief executives and specialists of the furniture industry
  • MEBELDEREVPROM, Ukraine – the association of furniture and woodworking enterprises and organizations
  • MECHANIK, PI–CE, Ukraine – woodcutting tools
  • MEGARES, TM, Ukraine – equipment of Italian factories–producers with long–term experience and reliable reputation
  • MELITOPOLMEBEL, Ukraine – production of furniture made of solid wood
  • MOST–UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools
  • MOTOR SICH, Ukraine – manufacture of petrol power saws and electric saws, walk–behind tractors and attached implements, etc.
  • MUKIYEVSKAYA, PE, Ukraine – materials and tools
  • MWM GROUP, Ukraine – full range of equipment for wood and wood products manufacture
  • MWM–KIEV, Ukraine – equipment and tools for wood, waste wood
  • N.N.N., Ukraine – commercial production of woodworking milling cutters
  • OLNOVA, Ukrainian-German enterprise in the form of LTD, Ukraine - manufacture of chippers 
  • ORTHODOX CENTRE OF APPLIED ARTS n.a. SAINT JOHN OF DAMASCUS, Ukraine – vocational–technical school
  • OSTIN, Company, Ukraine – equipment and instruments for furniture manufacture
  • PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – guillotines and multi–rip benches for timber processing
  • PODILLYA-INSTRUMENT, Ukraine - manufacture of woodworking tools
  • PODILLYA PARK, Ukraine – official dealer of motor equipment under the trademarks STIHL (Germany) and VIKING (Austria)
  • PODLESNYI PE, Ukraine – STIHL dealer
  • POL-KRES EDWOOD, Poland - producer of laminated boards (shields) of oak
  • POLIS, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft–und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austria – boilers generating heat and power from biomass, local and district heating systems 
  • PRO-ENERGY, Ukraine – realization of projects in the areas of biomass processing, biogas and installation of individual heating substations
  • PRO–STO, Ukraine – supplier of engraving, milling and NPC laser equipment 
  • PROFESSIONAL COATINGS, Ukraine – Ukrainian trade magazine
  • REMMERS–UKRAINE, Ukraine - paint and varnish products for internal and external wooden articles
  • RMP, SIA, Latvia – equipment and technologies for secondary raw materials renewal (using industrial and domestic waste products)
  • ROJEK–LVIV, Ukraine – woodworking and special equipment, boilers
  • RUBEZHANSKY PARQUET, Ukraine – producer of wood flooring
  • SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – mobile and stationary wide line equipment for log breaking
  • SHLIFARB, Ukraine – high-quality coatings and products for protecting wooden surfaces, laminated materials and MDF
  • SPETSTEKHSERVIS, Ukraine – the official representative of the Palfinger company
  • STANKODNIPRO, Ukraine – woodworking equipment and tools for furniture production 
  • STAROVYZHIVSKE FUEL–PEAT, Ukraine – wood door production waste processing, production and sale of wood pellets
  • STATE FOREST RESOURCES AGENCY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – сentral government authority
  • TEKNA-UKRAINA, Ukraine – dealer of the Polish manufacturer of wood and wood waste crushers 
  • TECHNOSWIT, Ukraine - equipment for woodworking and furniture industry
  • UK, Ukraine – machines for the production of pellets and briquettes from various raw materials
  • UKRAINIAN WOODWORKING MACHINERY ASSOCIATION, Ukraine – the union of woodworking equipment producers and suppliers
  • UKRBIO TRANS–SERVIS, Ukraine – tools and equipment for wood processing
  • UKRMASHINSTRUMENT, Ukraine – reliable knives and saws for processing metal, wood, paper and other materials
  • VN WOOD, Ukraine – sale of woodworking machinery
  • YAVIR, Ukraine – production of woodworking machinery
  • YUSHCHYSHYN, PE, Ukraine – templates for connections in wooden construction, software for wood structures, etc.
  • ZAHID-AGROSERVICE PLUS, Ukraine - manufacture of units for cutting wood and augers, assurance and maintenance services



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