Statistics 2011


Trade Fair area 7764 sqm
Exposition area 4567 sqm (roofed - 3235 sqm, opened - 1332 sqm)
The number of registered visitors who filled the registration cards (including via Internet) 12070 visitors
The number of exhibitors 184 companies
- national exhibitors 137 companies
- foreign exhibitors 47 companies (Austria, Belarus,Great Britain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey)


Assessment of visitors on branches of the economy
Woodworking industry 43,83
Furniture industry 35,51
Forestry 15,27
Other 5,39
Position structure of visitors
Top executives 36,07
Private proprietor 27,62
Specialist, technologist, manager 15,36
Average executives 14,93
Other 6,02
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 33,12
Eastern Region 7,85
Western Region   21,49
Central Region   14,03
Northern Region 11,27
Southern Region 10,44
Foreign countries 1,8





  • AAGAARD UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine – exhaust systems and filters for woodworking and furniture industry, paint systems
  • ACIMALL, Italy – Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association
  • AFEMMA, Italy - the Spanish Association of Woodworking Machinery, Equipment and Product Manufacturers
  • AKZO NOBEL DÉCOR UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - lacquers and varnishes for wood industry
  • A-LAP, LLC, Ukraine - laser measurement systems, line lasers and laser projectors for woodworking and wooden construction companies, furniture manufactures
  • ALPHA-CURE LTD, Great Britain - Production of ultra-violet lamps
  • AMKODOR UKROSPETSMASH, LTD, Ukraine - supplies machineries of JSC "Amkodor" in Ukraine, provides warranty and service
  • ANDREONI LUIGI, Italy - manufactures a wide range of manual and automated multi-position copy-milling machines (pantographs)
  • ANGELO CREMONA SpA, Italy - lines and equipment for peeled / sliced veneer and plywood industry
  • ANWA-PRINT LTD, Ukraine - sale of wood shredding equipment
  • ASSOCIATION OF WOODEN HOUSING, NE, Russia - creation a positive image of the wooden houses, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, training manuals, standards development, international cooperation and a cooperative atmosphere of the professional community
  • ATON SERVICE, Ukraine - aspiration plants, systems of ventilation
  • AUTRA, Estonia – sale of forest machinery and equipment for wood processing
  • AVK-PROM, Ukraine - aspiration equipment
  • BACHMANN Maschinen AG, Switzerland - used woodworking machines
  • BARTON Maquinaria S.L., Spain – equipment for wood processing
  • Barvy SHVYDKOsti, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale of varnishes, paints, adhesives and abrasives for woodworking industry
  • BAYKAL-land, Ukraine - Ukrainian producer of high-quality sliced veneer
  • BELSTANKOIMPORT, LTD, Ukraine - sale of woodworking and metalworking equipment
  • BIGonDRY SRL, Italy - drying equipment
  • BIOEKO, LTD, Russia - bio glue for chipboard
  • BIOFUEL EQUIPMENT, Ukraine - production of biofuels, servicing of drying chambers
  • BON-TON, Ukraine – equipment for painting (industrial paint-and-lacquer materials)
  • BRIQUETTING TECHNOLOGIES, PE, Ukraine - equipment for utilization of wood wastes, straw, peat, sunflower, buckwheat and others
  • BROOKHUIS MICRO-ELECTRONICS BV, the Netherlands - wood moisture and machine strength grading of wood
  • BRUKS Group, Germany - manufactures and supplies machines for wood processing and furniture industry
  • BRYK Ukraine, LTD, Ukraine - tools for woodworking and wood-based materials
  • BURO MACH, Ukraine -  industrial equipment (machines and equipment)
  • BUSINESS-DOSYE, Editorial staff, Ukraine - professional advertising and informational editions, price lists
  • BZDS, LTD, Russia - manufacture and sales of four-side planer type milling machines
  • CADWORK INFORMATIK SOFTWARE GMBH, Germany - software for all areas of timber building industry
  • CHING HWA ADVERTISEMENT CO., LTD, Taiwan - publishing woodworking equipment magazine – PIONEER
  • CONCORD XXI, LTD, Ukraine - production and sales of screw and ring nails for Euro pallets and other wood packaging
  • DEFENDO, PE, Ukraine - the official representative of the company Rondo2 (Poland), manufacturer of ventilation pipes (hoses) with PVC (polyvinylchloride), PUR (polyurethane), Teflon and other technical textiles, rubber
  • DEREVO.INFO, Ukraine – specialized web-site of woodworking industry
  • DEREVOOBROBNYK, Ukraine - Ukrainian woodworking newspaper
  • DEREWO.RU/RIA Press, Russia - the leading woodworking business edition on the Russian market
  • DIOS, Ukraine - wide range of woodworking equipment
  • DNEPR, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and tools
  • DONSTAN, Ukraine - production of machines for furniture manufacture
  • DOZAMECH UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - biomass boiler equipment
  • DREV_KO, Ukrtehnopromsnab, Ukraine - woodworking equipment and sanding systems
  • DZIUBA, PE, Ukraine - equipment for woodworking industry
  • DIAL-MARKET 2, PE, Ukraine - hoses for industry
  • ELASTYK-VAL, Ukraine - recovering and manufacturing rubber rollers for woodworking machines
  • EPICENTRE, JV, Ukraine - Ukraine's leading supplier of garden machinery and equipment for forestry, cutting sets, etc.
  • EQUIPMENT AND TOOL FOR PROFESSIONALS, Ukraine – specialized ,magazine
  • EUMABOIS - Federation - European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers
  • EUROPROJECT, LTD, Ukraine - providing professional equipment for paint application companies and solutions for the preparation and painting of any type of surface
  • EКО-inform, Publishing House, Ukraine – wide range of polygraphic works
  • FABA SERVICE, LLC, Ukraine - woodworking tools and services
  • FARBIYA, Ukraine – paint and varnish production
  • FARMI FOREST CORPORATION, Finland - Development and production of forest machines under the brand name FARMI
  • FAUBEHA LTD, Ukraine - professional brand of window and door hardware
  • FELDER GROUP Ukraine, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • FESTOOL-UKRAINE, Ukraine - general importer of professional equipment produced in Germany
  • FORDAQ S.A., Belgium - the leading online market for wood professionals
  • FOREST UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - forestry engineering company
  • FOREZIENNE MFLS, France - tools for the woodworking industry
  • FULPOW INDUSTRIAL CORP., Taiwan - manufacturer and exporter of woodworking machines, tools and accessories
  • GALEXPO (EC Lviv), Ukraine
  • GOLDEN TRADE, Ukraine - equipment for crumbling and subsequent processing of wastes from joiner's and furniture manufacture
  • GOLTSSERVIS LTD, Ukraine - supply of equipment for cutting and further processing of carpentry waste
  • GORLUSH CO, Ukraine - hydraulic presses, wood-drying chambers, aspiration systems
  • HEMMEL-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - production of shredding machinery
  • HOMA, Group, LTD, Russia - products under brands homakoll homaton
  • HOUFEK AS, the Czech Republic – grinding machines for preprocessing of wood and other materials with analogous characteristics
  • I.C.K. Engineering, Ukraine - the engineering support of the projects on organization of solid biofuel production, supply of the ТМ GRANTECH equipment for pellets production
  • IBERUS-KIEV, JV, Ukraine - produces standard cutters with replaceable blades and made-to-order tools
  • IMA Klessmann GmbH, Holzbearbeitungssysteme, Germany - produces machines and lines for manufacture of parts and components production for furniture industry
  • IMAC, Ukraine - sale of equipment and supplies for woodworking and furniture plants
  • IMAL Srl, Italy - manufacture and supply of plants and machinery for the production and processing of PB, MDF and OSB boards, as well as in the manufacture of complete pallet block production lines
  • IMEAS SpA, Italy - specialized in manufacturing and supplying calibrating and sanding lines for wood-based panels as well as gypsum, plastic and rubber boards
  • IMEKS, PE, Ukraine - design and manufacturing of woodworking equipment, maintenance, professional advice
  • InES, SPC, LTD, Ukraine - works at the market of abrasive materials
  • INFORMBUSSINES, Publishing center, LTD, Ukraine - publish Catalogue "All for furniture industry and joinery "
  • INSTANKOSERVIS, Ukraine – woodworking equipment
  • INTEKS, Ukraine - instruments for woodworking and furniture
  • INTERWOODKOMMERZ, LTD, Ukraine - round timber, sawn timber, as well as ready products
  • INWORLD, Ukraine - complex lines for wood waste recycle into fuel briquettes, pellets, wood cuts shredders, band saws
  • INZHTEHSERVICE, Ukraine - wood- and metal-working equipment
  • ISTOK STANKOTEHSERVIS, Ukraine - offers software for furniture design
  • ITA TOOLS / Basun, M.V., PE, Ukraine – sale of woodworking tools and tools for furniture production
  • ItalinvestIF, LTD, Ukraine - is an Italian supplier of equipment and components used for the establishment and modernization of woodworking and furniture industries
  • JASEN, Ukraine - woodworking equipment production
  • KALISCHUK, PE, Ukraine - we sell and  produce woodworking equipment
  • KAO JEN TOOLS CO., LTD, Taiwan - specializes in the manufacture of woodworking tools
  • KIILTO-KLEI UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - adhesives of finnish manufacture for the wood processing industry according DIN EN 204 D2, D3, D4, Epi system for wall laminated lumber
  • KIVERTSILISMASH, PE, Ukraine - technological lines and machines for the full processing of wood
  • KLIT, MP COMPANY, LTD, Ukraine - we sell industrial woodworking tools
  • KOLOFARB LTD, Ukraine - paints
  • KOZAK+, PCC, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for packing, service materials, compressors
  • KUOMING ELECTRIC CO., LTD, Taiwan - branch of high-frequency heating
  • KURIER DRZEWNY, Poland - monthly magazine
  • KUSHCH OLEG, PE, Ukraine - we render services and sell woodworking equipment
  • LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, Germany - developer and manufacturer of laser measurement systems
  • LEDINEK, Slovenia – planers, molding and planing machines and other equipment
  • LEGNOPROM, LTD, Ukraine - is engaged in technology engineering and delivers ALPI products to Ukrainian furniture and woodworking enterprises
  • LEITZ INSTRUMENTY UKRAINA, LTD, Ukraine - offers the complete range of automatic precision tools for industrial processing of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals
  • LesPromInform, Magazine, Ukraine – magazine
  • LEUCO UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine – Sale and service of wood processing tools
  • LIRA, LTD, Ukraine - produces and sells dry jointed pinewood saw timber
  • MAGR, Companies group,  Ukraine – manufacture of equipment for wood processing
  • MARKETLIS, PE, Ukraine - offers machines, spare parts and tools for wood processing and furniture production companies, supply, consulting and engineering services
  • MASCUS, Ukraine - online market for agricultural and construction equipment, storage equipment, forestry, transportation, commercial vehicles
  • Mayster@Co, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer of wide series of professional and high-quality woodworking equipment
  • MAСAGROTECH, ALC, Ukraine - production of heat generators, air- and water heaters
  • MEBLEVI TECHNOLOGII, Magazine, Ukraine - a leading Ukrainian magazine for chief executives and specialists of the furniture industry
  • MEBLIDEREVPROM, Association, Ukraine - association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Ukraine
  • MECHANIK, PI-CE, Ukraine - woodcutting tools
  • MEGARES, ТМ, Ukraine - presents in Ukraine the equipment of the Italian factories-producers with long-term experience in the direction and reliable reputation
  • MERLIN Technology GmbH, Austria - air humidification, humidity measuring technology and comfort cooling
  • METALСRAFT, TM, Ukraine - is a supplier of forging equipment, machine tools and instruments
  • M-GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - all spectrum of the tools for wood-cutting is produced by Freud enterprises
  • MK-VIZAR, LTD, Ukraine - offers processing equipment
  • MOST-Ukraina, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • MOTOR SICH, JSC, Ukraine - is one of the leading companies in the field of development, production, testing, in-service support and overhaul of aircraft engines for various-purpose airplanes and helicopters, industrial plants of land application, and consumer goods
  • MÜHLBÖCK -VANICEK, Austria - installations for any size of wood with different drying options
  • MUKIYEVSKAYA ELENA, PE, Ukraine - offers at the Ukrainian market foreign high quality woodworking tools
  • MWM GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for the processing of whole timber, production of timber and board, grinding equipment for the processing of plates and furniture production
  • MWM-Kiev, LTD, Ukraine - offers wide range of woodworking machines and tools
  • N.N.N., Ukraine - manufacture of windows, doors, furniture
  • NORDUTENSILI SRL, Italy - equipment for woodworking industry
  • NOVELTA UKRAINE, Ukraine – woodworking equipment
  • ODESSA mechanical-repair plant, Ukraine - profile-grinding machines
  • OFFICINE MECCANICHE NERLI S.N.C, Italy - complete range of sanding machines for wood and paints, highest quality standard of finishing without shadings and undulations on corian, polyurethane, polyester, glossy, opaque and transparent paints with “mirror effect”
  • OLMON, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • OLNOVA, Joint Ukrainian – German Company, Ukraine – chippers manufacture
  • ORCA DESIGN FAMILY, ЧП, Ukraine - design of exhibition stands, manufacture of decorative items made of wood
  • OSTIN Firm, Ukraine – domestic and import machines and tools
  • Paint Yard, TM, Ukraine - one of the leading retail and wholesale operators of high quality imported paints, varnishes, glues, abrasives and individual protection means on the Ukrainian market
  • PAL Srl, Italy - supply of plants and machinery for production of excellent quality particleboard, MDF and OSB
  • PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – guillotines and multirip benches for timber processing
  • PetroNick LTD, Ukraine – heating systems 
  • PNEUMOMASTER, PE, Ukraine - supplier of professional pneumatic tools and pneumatic equipment for woodworking branch
  • PODILLYA-INSTRUMENT, Ukraine - design and manufacture of wood-cutting tools
  • POLIS, Ukraine - official representative of manufacturers of woodworking hardware and supplies
  • POLITEK IMPEKS, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for primary processing and wood sawing
  • POL-KRES EDWOOD, PE, Poland - manufacturer of laminated boards
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft-und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austria - boiler installations running on wood waste
  • PRIDE – PNEUMATIC, Ukraine - air-driven fastening machines
  • PROFESSIONAL COATINGS, Magazine, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • PRO-STO, LLC, Ukraine - supplier of engraving, milling and NPC laser equipment under the following OEM brands as STO СNС and STO LASER that provides clients with full service and production support of equipment
  • REMMERS – Ukraine, Ukraine - paint and varnish production for internal and external wooden products
  • RMP SIA, Latvia – equipment and technologies for secondary raw materials renewal (from industrial and domestic waste products)
  • ROJEK-LVIV, Ukraine - equipment for production from a solid wood
  • SAN COMPANY, PE, Ukraine - is an agent of leading German and Swiss companies, specializing in the sale of used woodworking machinery
  • SAVCHENKO, Publishing House, LLC, Ukraine – publishing activity
  • SA-GA, LLC, Ukraine - professional supplier of woodworking machinery
  • SENEZH, Company, LTD, Russia - full range of highly effective wood protection products
  • SCHUKO Heinz Schulte-Suedhoff GmbH & Co.KG, Germany - produces the equipment for the painting, briquetting presses, fans
  • SERRA MASCHINENBAU GmbH, Germany – mobile and stationary wide line equipment for breaking of logs
  • SHASHEL WOOD, LLC, Ukraine – wooden parts
  • SPANEVELLO SRL, Italy - equipment for woodworking industry
  • SPETSTECHSERVICE, Ukraine – servicing of crane-manipulators, building cranes, railway cranes
  • STAHEMA-LVIV-SERVICE, the subsidiary company of Slovak LLC "Stahema INT", Ukraine - official representative company of known in Europe manufacturer of chemical materials for building - company STACHEMA Kolin s.r.o.
  • STANKODNIPRO, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • STANKODONETSK / Lavrus, PE, Ukraine – sale of equipment, tools and materials for furniture manufacture
  • STANKOSFERA, PE, Ukraine - sale of equipment for furniture production, woodworking machines
  • STORTI S.p.A, Italy - producer of sawmill equipment as well as complete lines for pallets production
  • TECNOCOM-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukrainedelivery and maintenance of high-tech equipment
  • TECSA, Ukraine - woodworking equipment
  • TEKNAMOTOR, Poland – wood chippers and hammer mills
  • THE WOOD PORTAL, India - information portal
  • TRADE LINK, LLC, Ukraine - equipment and tools for furniture production
  • TRIVAD, SE, Ukraine - is sale, installation and servicing of heating equipment, and equipment for the production of briquettes and fuel pellets from sawdust, straw and other biomass
  • TUBES International, Ukraine – couplings, pneumatic accessories
  • UDACHA, LTD, Ukraine - manufacture of woodcutting tools (arbor-type, soldered, end, carbide-tipped, diamond mills, circular saws carbide-tipped and diamond), wood products (windows, doors, stairs, furniture), natural wood edge and duplicated veneer
  • UDF, LTD, Ukraine - double veneer for wrapping furniture profiles
  • UKRAINIAN CONFEDERATION OF JOURNALISTS, Ukraine - annual series of editions
  • UKRAINIAN TECHNOOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine - heat-generators of hot air
  • UKRLISPROMOPTTORG, PJSC, Ukraine - specializes in providing woodworking and furniture industry of Ukraine with materials and components from the best foreign and domestic manufacturers
  • UkrPKTIlisprom, Ukraine - timber drying plants and wood steaming machines
  • UNIVERSALSERVICE, TIC, LLC, Ukraine - engineering, import, installation works, performing warranty and after sales service of filtering systems of centralized aspiration, dust collectors, shredder machines, boiling systems and equipment
  • VALTRALITA, Lithuania - track-feed type harvesting heads Keto, Loaders Cranab and accessories, hydraulic systems and components, wholesale of Shell oils.
  • VELMASH-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - supply of lifting equipment
  • VENTILVENETA S.N.C., Italy - industrial ventilation
  • VEYSEL KUTUKLU MATTRESS MACHINERY CO., Turkey - equipment for furniture industry
  • VIDA, Ukraine – hydraulic wood-choppers, log splitters
  • WEIMER, Ukraine - cranes, hydraulic winches, carriages
  • WEINIG, Michael, AG, Germany - leading supplier of technology for the woodworking industry and handicraft
  • WOODEX UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - specialized portal of timber, woodworking and furniture industry
  • WOODPROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES CENTER, LTD, Ukraine - full range of services, covering calculation and organization of woodworking enterprises
  • WOODWORKING & FURNITURE DIGEST, Taiwan – specialized monthly magazine
  • WOODWORKING NEWS, Belarus –  monthly magazine for timber cutting, woodworking, furniture and machine-building enterprises
  • YAVIR, Ukraine -  woodworking equipment production
  • YUSHCHYSHYN, Ukraine – painting, drying and steaming technologies for woodworking industry




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