Opinions 2017


Knud Dethloff
“We are pleased as we feel that the market is waking up, the crisis slows down. If looking at the statistics, the export of equipment from Germany to Ukraine grew by 40% last year, and during 6 months of the present year we once again saw the increase by 40%”


Natavan Rzayeva
“We are deeply satisfied with the number of visitors at our stand, and of course, we signed some contracts. We are hoping to attract even more people next year and we will participate”


Anton Yarovoy
“This is the third time we participate. We like the event very much. Our stand grows along with the exhibition year by year”


Maksym Basun
5 Channel, “Na chasi” TV show
“Every exhibition allows us to gather all those people we compete with, to discuss mutual problems, as well as showcase our novelties, share our achievements and developments with our clients”


Vyacheslav Filatov
5 Channel, “Na chasi” TV show
“The exhibition is interesting to us as we can see current demands each year – what does the Ukrainian buyer need. Thus the exhibition is important and we attend it every year”.


Yuriy Shepelev
5 Channel, “Na chasi” TV show
“The exhibition is interesting in order to get new contacts. It is stable and gets bigger every year. Many new people come into this business”


Maria, visitor
“We like it a lot. We were going to visit for one day only, but now we want to stay longer. We see many interesting equipment and tools showcased here, that meet our needs”


Dmytro, visitor
“I visit this exhibition every year. Comparing to the previous three years it has scaled up massively. There is a lot to see here, and I have found what I was looking for – equipment, consumable materials”


Opinions 2016

Oleg Barannikov
We participate in this exhibition all the time, because this event is a very important opportunity for our business. We can show the machines in operation, we can communicate with our customers and it really gives very serious potential for us.


Tverdokhlib Olexander, director
The current exhibition shows, according to our data, 25-30% rise of attendance comparing to last year.

ERA Channel, the program "Good morning, Ukraine!" as of September 28, 2016:
Every customer who sees the equipment on the Internet, or sees it on some plants, has an opportunity to know about the technical characteristics of machines and equipment, and is able to try to work on it.


Peter Zhoh
The exhibition is a very effective thing, because after the show, as a rule, there comes at least 30 percent increase in turnover in my job, as I always see.


tehnika-auceTEHNICA AUCE
Janis Beyshins
We are participating in this exhibition for the first time. We are looking for partners, we are offering our products. <…> My impressions are absolutely positive. There is a lot of interest because nobody knows us so far.


mwm-kievMWM KIEV
Yury Shepelev, owner
The exhibition is larger than last year’s, larger in terms of the number of equipment exhibited. And there a lot of people.
ERA Channel, the program "Good morning, Ukraine!" as of September 28, 2016
Forestry itself is currently goes through the technical re-equipment. The interest in the equipment from the foresters is really big.


LISDEREVMASH 2016: bigger, wider, more promising
As the main event of Ukrainian woodworking industry, LISDEREVMASH has always been an indicator of its state, development and prospects. After having a noticeable decrease at the peak of the crisis, LISDEREVMASH 2016 took a firm track for expansion with the result of the 40% growth and a considerable number of various novelties. The fact that the exhibition has become more extensive, interesting and attractive was noticed by both the participants and the visitors.
Mebelnoe Delo Magazine (issued November 2016)


Maxim Basun
A comment for Mebelnoe Delo Magazine (issued November 2016):
It was obvious this year that the scale of the exhibition increased. LISDEREVMASH is a major sectoral trade fair for our company because it gives an opportunity to meet with specialists of furniture and woodworking industry.


Vladimir Parkhomenko, Sales Manager for Furniture Components
A comment for Mebelnoe Delo Magazine (issued November 2016):
Taking into account that our exposition at the trade fair is presented for the first time it is hard to compare it with the scale of previous years’ events. But all we have seen so far is very impressive and makes us want to participate in LISDEREVMASH the next year.


totan-groupTOTAN GROUP
Oleg Tkachenko, Chief Commercial Officer
A comment for Mebelnoe Delo Magazine (issued November 2016):
This is not the first time we take part in LISDEREVMASH. There were many visitors and exhibitors this year, and the number of concluded contracts allows us to look optimistically into the future.


LISDEREVMASH 2016: target visitors, wide exposition, highly specialized seminars.
During September 27-30, LISDEREVMASH gladdened visitors not only with a wide range of equipment and tools for wood processing and wastes recycling, but also with a series of interesting and topical events and lotteries.
Derevoobrobnyk Newspaper (issued No. 19 (385) October 4-17, 2016)



Opinions 2015:

doligno_small DOLIGNO (the official representative of SCM Group), Kyryl Vishnyakov, Commercial Director

We have a good tradition - to go home with half-empty truck, without equipment. And, in recent times, this is the first exhibition, when we really did it. Part of the equipment stays here. So the exhibition was good and successful.


MWM-Kiev MWM KIEV, Yuriy Shepelev, owner

We see a great demand and interest from people. A lot of new people and companies enter the timber processing. So they come, they look, choose something to buy. They can see how the equipment works. Perhaps, in the past seven years, this is the most successful exhibition.


zerma-ukraina_smallZERMA Ukraine, Petro Grebenyuk, Director

It was a lot of communication, a lot of people coming up. We have got very serious contacts. I think that this exhibition will result in signing of contracts by approximately $500 thousand.


LIGO_smallLIGO GmbH, Valentin Marchenko, head of the representative office in Ukraine

We thank the organizers LISDEREVMASH 2015 for the high level of the event. Despite tough economic situation, businesses are developing in many thanks largely to the opportunity to get acquainted with modern trends in the industry at the exhibition. Being a representing of several European brands including MEBOR and LUKA, we have seen the will of our potential customers to update their production facilities using modern technologies. LIGO GmbH aims to continue to participate in exhibitions LISDEREVMASH, because we view it as the most effective way to communicate our ideas and proposals to potential partners.


hamech_small HAMECH, Alexander Majewski, head of the export department

At the present time we see the potential of the Ukrainian market. That is why we are here at the exhibition. We have the most positive impression of it. Many visitors, a lot of interest, a lot of communication. So, we believe that we have reached the objectives that we had laid for one hundred percent.



Opinions 2014:

Chairman of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Valeriy Chernyakov

Valeriy_Chernyakov Our industry also has its processing cycle. That is why this exhibition is very interesting for us. We see that a lot of new installations and woodworking machinery appear. And we also have to take this on board to help our industry process more and keep pace with progress. 

Our forestry enterprises work closely with these companies. So chief engineers will come to visit this exhibition closer to the weekend.

I hope that such exhibitions will attract our manufacturers and will give companies an incentive to improve their equipment and everything they produce.


Advisor to the Chairman of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Andrian Gutnik

Andrian_Gutnik This exhibition started its work as traditionally. Perhaps the number of participants has slightly decreased compared to previous years. We all understand that the country is undergoing anti-terrorist operation. In fact, that’s war. But I believe that such exhibitions are necessary because people maintain their traditional ways of life and keep moving on. This may be sad to be the second front line. Such events gather manufacturers. And Ukraine needs them now for manufacturing normal products and ensuring normal life of its citizens.

Every year we see an increasing number of Ukrainian producers participating in this exhibition. The nice thing is that, when I walked together with the Minister and the Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine past all these machines and communicated with manufacturers, I saw that some super sophisticated machines have foreign components. But there are many analogues of world machines that are already produced in Ukraine.


Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Sergei Dubovik 

Sergiy_Dubovik I like the fact that not only pieces of furniture, solid fuel boilers, but also pictures carved from wood or cardboard were presented here. These were not only industrial products, but also works of art.




ROJEK-LVIV, Aleksandr Dziupin, Chairman of the Board

Rojek-LvivThis exhibition takes place for the 13th time and we take part in it for the 13-th time. We are regular participants.

We are the first company in Ukraine, which operates in the field of woodworking equipment supply. The new trend is that, if earlier domestic small capacity boilers were not in great demand and these were mostly one-time sales, then starting from June 2014 everything changed.


GORLUSH GROUP, Konstantin Boguslavskiy, Head of Sales Department

Gorlush-ko Taking into account the present situation, the exhibition is very good. People need equipment and that is why we continue working.


OLNOVA, Oleg Kushinsky, Head of the Sales Department

Olnova_logoWe always take part in LISDEREVMASH. Every time we participate in this exhibition, we find new customers and sign new contracts. Everyone knows now that our company offers grinding equipment. We work with the utility and forestry enterprises.



Due to the difficult political and economic situation, exposition area of this exhibition decreased this year. The situation with other exhibitions, held in Ukraine, was identical. Dates of LISDEREVMASH were moved and coincided with the other similar profile exhibition held in Kiev. Visitors, who came from different regions, liked this coincidence. At the same time, we saw some changes in demand: there were no occasional visitors at the exhibition, only those people, who came here to purchase equipment, get the needed information and learn about the latest market updates.



Comments 2013:

ACIMALL - The Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association.

As usual, ACIMALL, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association, attended LISDEREVMASH. In this context, our association has organized a small group of Italian companies that have been able to disclose, during the four days’ of the event, key information about their production. The choice to participate in LISDEREVMASH and also bring in the same Italian companies was, as always, a winning choice. The small survey conducted among the participating companies has revealed a good degree of satisfaction thanks to the good profile of visitors and, especially, thanks to the good turnout during the days of the fair. Outside of our participation, it is very important to note the presence of many other Italian companies that participated in LISDEREVMASH through their local importers. And that proves, once again, the great interest that our companies have for the Ukrainian market (regardless of sectorial trends) that is characterized, like most of the major markets, by ups and downs. But this, of course, does not constitute an obstacle to the success of Italian products in export markets. The experts interviewed, consider LISDEREVMASH certainly a key event for the company's products for which they work, with a good level of organization, offering, even in the future, good business opportunities.

19 November 2013

"Doligno", LTD (the exclusive representative of SCM Group in Ukraine)

Ukrainian market has traditionally been one of the priorities for SCM Group, namely, because it is the second largest market (after Russian and CIS markets). We participate in this exhibition for almost 10 years. And, despite the rather difficult situation on the Ukrainian woodworking market, we expect some revival in 2014. Those customers, whom we met on this show, stated their intention to upgrade equipment next year or by the end of this year. Therefore, we expect that this exhibition will boost our sales next year. We are very optimistic about the results of this exhibition.

26 September 2013

"Italcolor Ukraine", LTD

 Our company is a permanent participant of LISDEREVMASH. It should be noted that the organizers are always serious about organizational issues. Show's organization remained at the same high level as previously.

26 September 2013

BRUKS Company 

We liked the fair. One could see only industry specialists among exhibition’s participants and visitors. A lot of people were interested in the production of pellets and installation of biofuel plants. We wish everybody success!

26 September 2013

"Leuco Ukraine", LTD

In reality, we have seen show’s revival. A lot of visitors were interested in production upgrading. We are interested in LISDEREVMASH and I think we will continue participating in it hereafter.

27 September 2013

"Pneumomaster”, PE

Recent 3-4 years have seen trade show’s stability. That’s why we try not to miss LISDEREVMASH. We are interested in it and I think that we will continue to participate in this show.

26 September 2013

"Derevoobrobnyk”, Newspaper (№ 20 ( 325) October 15 – November 4, 2013)

All the visitors, who came to the show, were the target audience that consisted of manufacturers of woodworking machinery, tools, wood protection means and other components essential for the woodworking industry. The visitors’ interest in the exhibition, compared to the previous year, increased by one half. The event was attended by over 6,000 people.
... During the opening ceremony, Mr. Nikolai Evdokimenko called “Lisderevmash 2013" an authoritative event, which has become a meeting place for industry professionals from all around the world. "This show gives participants a unique opportunity to analyze the state of the Ukrainian woodworking market, discuss burning issues, find constructive solutions to the issues connected with innovative development of the Ukrainian  timber industry”, - said Mr. Nikolai in his speech.
...The event is over, but it was the first time when its participants had the feeling that a difficult period of economic recession is gradually coming to an end. Anyway, most of participants are optimistic about their future and hope that everything will come right next year.


"Meblevі tehnologii”, Magazine (№ 9/2013)

The organizers are convinced that for participants and visitors LISDEREVMASH will continue to remain one of the best ways to demonstrate their capabilities, enhance long-lasting business relationships, find new partners, assess the demand, and thus to increase production efficiency and take the leading market position.



"Equipment and Tools for Professionals | Woodworking” No.4 /2013 

The pavilion of the International Exhibition Centre became the epicenter of the woodworking industry over the course of four days. Participants demonstrated machinery and equipment, conducted presentations of new materials and technologies, shared experiences and agreed to cooperate.

The opening ceremony was attended by such officials as the Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine - N. Evdokimenko, Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine - V. Sivets, president of Mebelderevprom, Association - S. Sagal. They once again emphasized the importance of LISDEREVMASH as the main business site for the development of the domestic timber industry. 


Comments 2012:


 "... a lot of our companies are small. If they want to take part in the exhibition, for example, held in India, Ukraine or any other country, they ask our federation for advice (to find information about the local market and its trends) and afterwards work out their strategy and next steps. We communicate with the organizers of  different exhibitions, advertising departments and on this basis we can say which show and in which region will be the most interesting and promising this year.

For this reason, we believe that the most promising exhibition in Ukraine is "Lisdrevmash", held in Kiev. We see the potential of Ukraine and tell all our members - if they want toenter this market, then they need to participate in "Lisderevmash'".

Franz-Josef Bütfering, President of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery EUMABOIS
Woodworking News Website (http://wnews.by) 


"The main thing is that new technologies of wood processing appear in the country. Nowadays Ukrainian foresters provide woodworkers with all the necessary raw materials. And within the next 10 years, Ukraine will double the amount of wood harvesting. Our country has good prospects for woodworking industry development. That is why we are glad that in Ukraine are held such events. These events give opportunity to learn about new technologies, plan and develop your own business."

Viktor Sivets, Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine



"There is no doubt that a lot of problems exist and we meet here to discuss and to solve them. Woodworking and forest industry - are strategic industries of our state, so we will ask for more government attention to the problems of our industries and will do our best to create perfect conditions for business development."

Sergey Sagal, President of "Meblilderevprom" Association



""IMAC" company participates in the trade fair every year to meet with old customers, and, of course, to find new ones. That is why for our company presence at the show is an image tool. I am satisfied with the results of our participation in the exhibition: we met a lot of our old customers, and those people, whom I really wanted to meet with, but had no opportunity to reach them directly. But thanks to the exhibition I met them and hope that we will enter into prospective business relationship."

Aleksandr Letichevskiy, "IMAC Ukraine"



""Lisderevmash" exhibition is an image event. This year we offered approximately 16 benches at the area of 142 m2, and our customers were able to see how they work. Most customers that visited our stand during the exhibition were old ones, who have already seen these machines before or wanted to purchase, but were not sure what machine they exactly wanted to buy. After the show, they realized what they needed and we have concluded several tentative agreements."

Andrei Moshkovskiy, "Felder Group Ukraine" company



"Our company is a representative of a prestigious, professionally equipped Austrian company "HOLZMANN". Its equipment is well-known all over the world. We entered the market this Spring, took part in the exhibition held in Lviv, and it was the first time we participated in "Lisderevmash" exhibition. We already have results. In general, the exhibition left a positive impression."

Jaroslav Pyliuk, "Technoswit" LLC

Source: "Derevoobrobnyk" Newspaper № 20 (302), October, 16 - November 5, 2012


1 "... all the main representatives of the woodworking market and related industries were present at this exhibition. Besides simply pleasant meetings with old acquaintances, participants and visitors could get a lot of professional information..."

Source: "Equipment and Tools for Professionals" Magazine № 4/147/2012


Comments 2011:

"I was surprised about the organization and the attendance of visitors during the time I visited Lisderevmash 2011.

I talked to several suppliers and the expectations for business at and after the show were good.

Especially after the big crisis in 2009 now everybody is looking for better business in the future and shows like your show helps to get in closer contact with potential customers.

The show was well organized - also our EUMABOIS display was in a very good position presented.

All in all a very good organized and well attended show.

All the best to you and your show for the future."

Franz-Josef Butfering



"LISDEREVMASH-2011: hit the top ten"

"During the opening day of the exhibition, we saw a lot of producers, talked to exhibitors with the aim to provide our readers with an exhibition summary, where we could highlight the most pressing issues and achievements of the industry...

... Bioenergy exhibition boom is quite symptomatic - it summarizes the important social and political transformations of recent years. This fact was affirmed by Mr. Bernhard Hoysler, sales manager of "Polytechnik Luft-und Feuerungstechnik": "We have received a lot of inquiries from interested buyers. I shall note that such equipment takes a lot of space and is not just sold at the exhibition. But we have a lot of inquiries, negotiations are underway and we believe that we will make first contracts till next year"...

... According to Andriy Pyvkin, technical consultant of "Kiilto-Klei", "woodworking industry in Ukraine, of course, will develop. The main factor here is the need in end users, those, who buy all these chairs and furniture".

"Derevoobrobnyk" Newspaper № 19 (277) September 27 - October 10, 2011


Comments about the exhibition:

“Market Chooses only Professionals, and the Best Manufacturers were Present at the Exhibition”

“We do not have the right to make mistakes” – this statement was proved at the IX International specialized Trade Fair of machinery and equipment for forestry, woodworking and furniture industry “LISDEREVMASH’2009“ that was recently held in Kiev. This year, exhibition area was smaller than in previous years. Companies that managed to save their market positions took part in the exhibition.  Every single  visitor came to the exhibition to purchase equipment. So, against all concerns of organizers and all pessimistic expectations of participants the Exhibition was a great success.

In the course of 4 days, more than 5000 experts in furniture manufacturing, woodworking, construction and forestry have visited the exhibition. Manufacturers demonstrated full spectrum of machinery and equipment for forestry, primary and secondary wood processing, dust-exhaust systems, power stations, waste processing equipment, tools, materials and utilities.

LISDEREVMASH’2009 is not only the effective place for discussing  and solving different field problems, but also a good occasion to present  your company  to thousands of experts, a possibility to monitor the market  situation and to make prognosis for the future. In spite of the complicated economic situation, the Exhibition turned out well.  It is very important to save and develop scientific and technical basis as a constituent part of manufacturing process, promoting new investments in forestry, wood processing, woodworking and furniture industry”.

“Derevoobrobnyk” Newspaper  № 19 from 01.10.2009


“LISDEREVMASH 2009” gives hope for the revival of current market situation

… This exhibition is an ideal index of current condition of the industry and its development in the nearest future…
…Taking into consideration the fact that the exhibition took place in the period of crisis, we can breathe with relief and state that, in spite of prognoses, the dynamics of woodworking and wood processing industries coming out of crisis is positive…
…In spite of crisis, a lot of foreign companies demonstrated their novelties that are new for Ukrainian market…
…“ISK Group” offered up-to-date ergonomic equipment for pellet manufacture with productivity 0,5 tons per hour…

According to "Holz-Zentralblatt" Magazine

“…It should be mentioned, that anxiety, connected with the first day of low activity was not justified: a lot of participants of the exhibition were satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitors as crisis forced business holders to visit the exhibition  personally in order to organize the future work of their enterprises in the most optimal way.  The round table that took place within the framework of the exhibition “Crisis in woodworking and furniture industry. Myth or reality?”, organized by “Mebelderevprom” Association, gave rise to active discussion of sore point by participants….”

“..Still, the exhibition fulfilled its task. It remains only to be enraptured by that titanic work that was carried out by organizers for that exhibition to take place…”

Aleksandr Pasechnik, director of “Buro-Mash”: “…Many people considered that the crisis, that will last 2 or 3 years, will completely prevent owners from financing their enterprises. They were mistaken! On the contrary, even if there are some investments that are not returned, new are already planned or even made in the current year. And that can be proved by exhibition’s attendance. If to judge it by the quantity of key audience I should say it is not worse than previous year’s exhibition.  But the quality of audience changed a bit.  If previous exhibitions were visited by average executives and technical specialists, then this year’s exhibition was visited mostly by top executives and private entrepreneurs because it is important for them to understand and to realize today's tendencies. And exhibition is a perfect place for that…”

A.I. Sabadyr, representative of the State Forestry Committee of Ukraine: “…Owing to the “The best operator of hydraulic manipulator – 2009” competition, forestry  specialists from all over Ukraine do not only learn about  industry novelties, but also can test their work with one's own hand…”

“Equipment and Tools for Professionals” Magazine, № 5-6, 2009

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