State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine

State Forest Resources Agency is the main state authority in forest and hunting management.

The main objectives of the Authority are:

  • to implement the state politics in forest and hunting management, protection and conservation, sustainable forest management, regeneration of forest resources and game animals, to improve the efficiency of forest and hunting management;
  • to administer, regulate and control forest and hunting management;
  • to develop and implement the national, international and regional programmes in order to protect forests, improve their productivity, sustainable forest management and reforestation, management and regeneration of game animals, development of hunting and forest management planning.

The administrative structure of the forest management today permit to fulfill the national commitments in regeneration, protection and conservation of forests, and to provide the demanded timber. 


"ACCO INTERNATIONAL" - is one of the leading exhibition companies in Ukraine, which has been operating in the field of exhibition business since 1992, exceeding the expectations of even the most exacting customers. Since then, the name “ACCO International” has carried the utmost of reliability, efficiency and transparency.

Nowadays,"ACCO International" is a dynamic and innovative company maintaining the highest quality of services in exhibition business. The secret of our success lies in our flexibility, our ability to adapt rapidly to market conditions, which gives us an opportunity to have the edge over competitors.

Since the establishment, the company has held more than 210 exhibitions.
Due to successful work, ACCO International has a good reputation as a safe partner and is one of the most professional B2B events organizers in Ukraine.

Today in the Company's portfolio are 15 specialized exhibition events; most of them are recognized as the main branch events in their fields. The guarantee of reliability and stability of ACCO International is its partners.

LISDEREVMASH Trade Fair is supported by the following branch ministries and associations:

  • The State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian association of woodworking equipment (UADO)
  • "MEBELDEREVPROM" Association

In 2011 "ACCO International" became a memner of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI. Trade Fairs, organized by the company, are audited by the leading International audit and consulting  group of companies BDO.

Nowadays, we cooperate with:

  • Eumabois, European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacteurs 
  • Acimall, the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association  
  • Afemma, Spanish Association of Woodworking Machinery, Equipment and Products Manufacturers
  • OSP (OCTANORM Service Partner)

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