Advertising Options

Every trade fair is a unique opportunity to communicate with potential customers. All visitors attend the event, as they are initially interested in some products or services. And maybe it is your product or service they are looking for.

LISDEREVMASH trade fair allows each company to advertise itself so that its message could quickly reach the target audience. It offers a number of advertising opportunities available to both exhibitors and those companies that do not rent a stand.

Official Exhibitor Catalogue

The official catalogue of exhibitors is the most popular information product of the fair. Visitors pay close attention to it, as it is a convenient way to keep important business information and contacts. The catalogue is often stored for many months in order to be used as a directory.
You can place your ad page here to attract maximum attention to your products.

4th cover page, color advertising 550 EUR
3rd cover page, color advertising 450 EUR
2nd cover page, color advertising 500 EUR
1st inner page, color advertising 420 EUR
the page next to the list of companies, color advertising 397 EUR
inner page, color advertising 337 EUR
inner page, black-and-white advertising 280 EUR
additional text information (up to 400 characters)* 180 EUR
additional logo (black and white)* 12 EUR
placement of bookmark advertising in the catalogue (without production costs) 500 EUR

* - options available to exhibitors only


Guidebook of LISDEREVMASH is a brochure that contains the scheme of the exhibition hall and program of events. The guidebook is distributed free of charge to all visitors

4th cover page, 1-page ad (black and white) 400 EUR
4th cover page, 1/2 page ad (black and white) 200 EUR
3rd cover page, 1-page ad (black and white) 300 EUR
3rd cover page, 1/2 page ad (black and white) 150 EUR

* the service is available to exhibitors only

Conference Room Rental

k-zalThere are several separate conference rooms situated at the exhibition pavilion. It is a good opportunity to hold a presentation, seminar or a private event for partners in a comfortable environment.
In this case, the organizer will announce your event on the website and in the guidebook, in e-newsletters and through the pavilion’s audio announcement system during the fair as a rental bonus.

small conference room 96 EUR / 1 hour
large conference room 157 EUR / 1 hour

All conference rooms situated at the IEC are equipped with furniture only; all multimedia equipment can be rented.

Other Advertising Types

audio ad: announcement made by the speaker (up to 60 words) 9 EUR
banner on the external wall of the pavilion 40 EUR per 1 sqm
placement of A1 poster advertising in the pavilion for the whole period of the fair 52 EUR
distribution of advertising materials 1000 pcs. for non-exhibitors (production costs not covered) 300 EUR

All prices are indicated in Euro, include all taxes and are valid for non-residents of Ukraine.
The organizer has a right to refuse to advertise non-exhibiting companies.

For further information, as well as on all matters regarding publication of your news (for exhibitors only) or ordering advertising services, please contact:
Inna Lozova, Advertising Department
tel.: +38 044 456 38 04
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