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Specialized exposition of wood fuels and energy

WOODENERGY is a specialized exposition that covers equipment and technologies for wood fuels production and wood waste utilization, wood energy production, heating systems operating on wood fuels, and wood fuels such as pellets, briquettes, etc.

As an integral part of LISDEREVMASH, WOODENERGY exposition is aimed at bringing together suppliers and buyers. Manufacturers of industrial boilers, developers of pellet production technologies, etc. can demonstrate their products to target customers directly. Woodworking and furniture enterprises can find solutions for effective waste wood utilization and monetization, energy cost reduction.



  • Machines and equipment for waste wood shredding and grinding
  • Equipment for pellet and briquette production
  • Equipment for charcoal production
  • Solid fuel boilers and other heating equipment
  • Equipment and technology for wood energy production
  • Wood fuels (pellets, briquettes, etc.)

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