28-30 SEPTEMBER 2021
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28-30 SEPTEMBER 2021


11.00 -13.30
Venue:main conference room
Meeting of the All-Ukrainian Council of the Society of Foresters of Ukraine
Venue:main conference room
Society of Foresters of Ukraine

Topic of the day: Development of forestry – state, strategy and prospects

The agenda of the meeting:
– 30 years of the Society of Foresters of Ukraine. Main results and prospects
– About the strategy of forestry development in Ukraine
– Amendments to the Presidium of the All-Ukrainian Council of the Society of Foresters of Ukraine

Attendance according to organizer's invitation
Venue:main conference room
Conference Furniture clusters in Ukraine: from foundation to profit
Venue:main conference room
Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers (UAM)

Supported by Kyiv Regional State Administration


13:30–14:00 Registration

14:00–14:15 Opening address by LISDEREVMASH representative Igor Melnyk

14:15–14:45 State support of cluster development. Presentation of development roadmap for Kyiv regional furniture cluster
Representative of Kyiv Regional State Administration

14:45–15:15 Sum and substance of furniture clusters: international and Ukrainian practices
Oksana Donska, Board Member of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, coordinator of furniture cluster development

15:15–15:45 Best business practices of informal furniture clusters in Ukraine
Yosyf Pavlyk, Pavlyk company

15:45–16:15 Kronospan furniture clusters
Pavlo Pyltiai, Director of Technopryvid Invest Group, supervisor of industrial park construction

16:15–16:45 2025 cluster development program draft
Oleksandr Yurchak, Director General of the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, coordinator of Industry4Ukraine platform

16:45–17:15 Questions and answers. Clothing address

Registration: http://bit.ly/conferenceLISDEREVMASH

Venue:blue conference room
Round Table Discussion The Forest Sector in Ukraine: Priorities and Tools for Overcoming the Crisis
Venue:blue conference room
FSC Ukraine

Opening address
Pavlo Kravets, FSC Ukraine (5 minutes)

Session: Conflicts of forestry laws and their effects on wood-based industries

“Quietness season” and “environmental impact assessment”: what is behind the scenes?
Oleh Storchous, lawyer (15 minutes)

Questions and discussions (30 minutes)

Session: Tools for resolution of crises events in forest sector

Why process of development of forest policy tools and procedures therefore are no less important than their contents?
Petro Lakyda, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (10 minutes)

How does FSC national standard respond to the challenges of today in forest sector?
Oksana Pavlishchuk, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (10 minutes)

Questions and discussions (30 minutes)

Session: Influence of the concerned parties on decision making in forest sector

Our view on cooperation of forestry enterprises with environmental organizations and activists
Andrii Plyha, WWF Ukraine (10 minutes)

Decentralization: what is required to increase participation of local communities in making forest management decisions?
Oksana Stankevych-Volosianchuk, Ecosphere (10 minutes)

Questions and discussions (30 minutes)

Clothing addresses


09.00 - 17.00
Venue:main conference room
First All-Ukrainian Timber Industry Forum
Venue:main conference room
Association of Woodworkers and Loggers of Lviv Region, Association Mebelderevprom, NLTU of Ukraine, NUBiP of Ukraine

First topical section

9.00–9.30 Registration

9.30–10.00 Opening addresses: representative of Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (name to be confirmed); representative of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (name to be confirmed); Vitaliy Nemilostiviy, Deputy Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine; Vasyl Kuziovych, Head of State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine

10.00–11.00 Strategy for Forestry Development
Speaker: Vasyl Kuziovych, Head of State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
Experts: Vasyl Lavnyi, DSc, Pro-Rector, Ukrainian National Forestry University
Petro Lakyda, DSc, Director, Institute of Forestry and Park and Garden Management of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Deputy Head of Forestry Academy of Science of Ukraine
Yurii Marchuk, DSc, Chairman, Society of Foresters of Ukraine

11.00–11.20 Topic: Development of Ukraine’s forest sector: problems and prospects
Speaker: Orest Kiiko, DSc, Professor, Ukrainian National Forestry University

11.20–12.00 Coffee break

Second topical section

12.00–12.50 Topic: Law of Ukraine on Timber Market
Speaker: Matusevych Oleksandr, member of Parliament of Ukraine
Experts: Volodymyr Maievskyi, DSc, Director, Institute of Woodworking, Computer Technology and Design of Ukrainian National Forestry University
Yurii Medvedev, President, Mebliderevprom association

12.50–13.05 Topic: Strategy for timber price setting and tax assessment
Expert: Ihor Lytsur, DSc, Professor at Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

13.05–13.30 Topic: Electronic auctions
Speakers: Viktor Melnychenko, Director, Center for Innovation and Analytics in Forestry
representative of Prozoro SE (name to be confirmed)
Daniil Malandii, Director, Utesystem

13.30–15.00 Discussion on the topics of the Second topical section with the presence of Batsura Oleksandr, Kravchuk Andrii, Lozytskyi Valerii, Mamaieva Stella, Matsypura Iryna, Mysiura Oleksandr, Pidkorytov Valerii, Popovych Andrii, Sain Dmytro, Ihor Sobolevsky, Chmilovsky Davyd.

15.00-16.00 Lunch break

Third topical section

16.00–16.15 Topic: Certification of forests and woodworking enterprises
Speaker: Maria Maga, Chairman of Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System

16.15–17.00 Discussion, summing up

Organizing committee:

Kogut Mykola
+38 063 020 4027
+38 067 672 4819

Yurii Medvedev
+38 050 331 5767
+38 067 363 7730

Venue:blue conference room
Meeting of the Council of Employers (forestry and woodworking sector) UNI LiSPH NUBiP of Ukraine
Venue:blue conference room
UNI LiSPH NUBiP of Ukraine